Paranormal Terminolgy

Our Paranormal terms page lists many terms that are frequently used within the paranormal community and their meanings. Some of these terms may have an alternate meaning, but the paranormal significance of the word or term will be listed here.

Anomaly :
Deviation or departure from the normal or common order, form, or rule. Usually unexplainable by scientific methods.

Apparition :
Apparition simply means “to appear”. It is most closely associated with ghosts or the witnessing of the appearance of a ghost or disembodied spirit. In the paranormal world there are both partial and full bodied apparitions which are  considered the Holy Grail of paranormal activity to most.

Angel :
Angels are usually believed to be spiritual beings that serve as an extension of or messenger of God. Angels have existed in nearly every culture in some form or another since the beginning of recorded history. Many religions believe in the divine intervention of angels and their direct effect on the lives of humans. Many believe that Angels provide protection to humans in times of need or despair.

Cold Spots :
an area of localized coldness or a sudden decrease in ambient temperature that is believed to be connected to paranormal activity. The sudden drop in temperature is said to be caused from the sap of energy required by a spirit to manifest or make itself known.

Cryptozoology :
the study of animals or creatures that are not yet identified or accepted by science. The word cryptozoology is translated to mean “the study of hidden animals”

Demon :
demons are represented throughout history as dark spiritual beings that unlike angels, hate and despise humanity. Demons have been written about and feared in nearly every culture throughout history and are known by many different names. Demons are believed by many to be able to inhabit human bodies through demonic possession.  read more here Demonic Possession

Ectoplasm :
Ectoplasm is said to be associated with the formation of spirits, and is usually described as white, gray or transparent in color. It is said to resemble mucus and can either be in the form of mist or a solid that has been reported to seep from solid objects.,

sounds recorded using digital recorders or other electronic means that were not audible to the human ear at the time of recording. Most often voices are recorded and sometimes even show signs of intelligence, by responding to questions asked by paranormal investigators. read more about EVP

Electromagnetic Fields or EMF are both naturally occurring and man made. They are an increase of electromagnetic activity at a particular location. EMF’s have been reported to cause nervousness and paranoia. A higher than usual EMF reading is often associated with paranormal activity.

EMF Detector :
a handheld device used by paranormal investigators that measures the rise and fall of an EMF.

Extrasensory Perception (ESP) :
otherwise known as a “sixth sense” ESP is believed to be an extra sense or “awareness” that someone may have. Some are thought to be born with ESP while others think that it can be harnessed through focus, meditation etc. People with ESP can often demonstrate an uncanny ability to predict the future or even read the thoughts of others.

Ghost :
The spirit or soul of a person who has died but not crossed over into another dimension. A ghost remains in our physical dimension.

Ghost Hunter :
a popular term used to describe a paranormal investigator. A ghost hunter seeks to obtain evidence for the existence of paranormal activity at various locations. Most ghost hunters will use tools such as electronic devices and cameras to help capture footage or evidence.

Mist :
Swirling energy that resembles fog. It has been captured in still photos and video and is usually white and luminous in nature, although occasionally it is red.

Orb :
Orbs, sometimes known as spirit orbs or ghost orbs are basically unexpected circular “spots” that appear in photos after development.  Ghost orbs are not generally visible to the naked eye at the time photo is taken.

Paranormal :
Beyond the range of normal experience or scientific explanation

Poltergeist :
a troublesome spirit or ghost that mischievously moves domestic items and generally terrorizes people (and sometimes pets, too) inside their own houses. They are also reputed to generate unexplained noises, including loud bangs on walls or roofs. Occasionally, they are often associated with demonic possession. The word poltergeist is loosely translated to mean “noisy ghost”. read more about

Residual :
A residual haunting are a type of haunting in which energy has somehow “burned itself” into the atmosphere of a location. Often these ghosts seem to have no intelligence and will continuously replay events from when they were living. You can
read more about hauntings here Types of Hauntings

Vampire :
A vampire is generally thought of as a creature of the night that feeds from the blood of living humans and is “not living”. Vampires and stories of vampires date back centuries. Read more here Vampires

Vortex :
A vortex is a high-energy signature similar to a door. A large volume of energy is required for a ghost to make itself seen or heard. A vortex is what can be seen on camera and video resulting from an energy surge great enough for a spirit to manifest.

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