Ogopogo | Canada’s Lake Monster

Ogopogo is a creature that is usually described as being serpent like and over 15 feet in length. The head is described as resembling that of a horse.

European settlers were the first to report seeing the now famous Ogopogo. The sightings occured back around 1872 when the area of Lake Okanagan in British Columbia, Canada was being colonized. There are Indian reservations in the Okanagan Valley and it is said that their ancestors believed that the monster was evil and to be feared.
They would tell stories of the beaches being littered with the parts of animals that had met a grisly fate with Ogopogo. When they were forced to cross the lake during bad weather, they would carry a small sacrificial animal that they would toss into the water to ease the lake monsters hunger while they crossed. The most impressionable sighting however was witnessed by a huge group of people in 1926. It is said that over thirty cars of people claimed to witness Ogopogo first hand.

The Folden Film

A man by the name of Art Folden was the first to capture Ogopogo on film. He filmed Ogopogo back in 1968 and the film became
known as “The Folden Film”. Although the film was not conclusive enough to acknowledge the existence of Ogopogo, when it was enhanced, it showed what clearly appeared to be a reptilian type creature in the lake. Many legends and theories have surrounded Ogopogo throughout the years. Most skeptics blame the sightings on beavers or logs. However the people who have witnessed Ogopogo stand firm by the fact that it was not a beaver or a log. They will state that Ogopogo is very real and currently residing in the depths of Lake Okanagan.

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