North Carolina’s Brown Mountain Lights

North Carolina is home to one of the strangest phenomena in the world, the Brown Mountain Lights. As far as The Brown Mountain Lights are concerned, there is no question of whether or not they exist. What they are and why they exist would be more appropriate questions.

Some natives believe that the lights are the ghosts of ancient Cherokee warriors who were killed while battling on the mountainside. Others think that a more scientific explanation is more likely.

As a matter of fact, a number of scientific investigations have been done on The Brown Mountain Lights. One such investigation was done by the U.S. Geological Survey in 1913. They concluded that the lights were merely locomotive headlights from the Catawba Valley, near Brown Mountain. Case closed. Or was it?

Approximately three years later there was a massive flood that knocked out the railroad bridges in Catawba Valley. The trains were unable to enter the valley for quite some time due to this disaster. Power lines were down and roads were unusable.

The Brown Mountain Lights continued to appear as if nothing had ever happened, therefore ruling out locomotive or automobile headlights as an explanation for these strange lights. So what exactly are The Brown Mountain Lights? Some say that clues are in the geology of the mountain itself. When viewed from above, one can instantly make out the outline of a native american face, looking towards the battlefield.

The ancient and mysterious Brown Mountain Lights have baffled locals and tourists alike for hundreds of years and if you are ever in NC, you should take a look for yourself

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