Ghost Pictures: New Ghost Picture | Graveyard Ghost

This ghost picture was sent to us by a visitor by the name of Combat Gonny, with the following description.

My girlfriend and I were practicing night shots in a cemetery when my girlfriend discovered on one of the photos a figure behind a tree. The exposure was about 20 seconds. Can anyone explain this? The picture is cut-out

If someone wants the original please contact me at

Could this be a real ghost picture? You decide.

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5 Responses to Ghost Pictures: New Ghost Picture | Graveyard Ghost

  • Rene G. Cardones Jr. says:

    Hmmm… Honestly, looks like a real, live person. Seems solid enough. Impossible to tell from the photo.

  • tori says:

    I would love if this photo would be sent into kodac to authenticate a lack of photoshop tempering. It is strange because the clothes are very strange.. it looks like he’s wearing a golf hat like my great grandpa used to lol. could be a real guy

  • Loren says:

    It Looks Like A Real Live Human Being But If There Wasnt Anyone Else In Site At The Grave Yard Its A High Risk Of Being A Apperition .

  • Lauryn Hall says:

    I live in Gadsden, Alabama. My friends and I have always heard about the old haunted Attalla Elementary School. People have always told stories of how they’ve seen ghosts, heard children screaming and crying, teachers screaming at children, and footsteps running down the hall with floating items. One day, my friends and I decided to go in there. (They always leave it unlocked.) My friend, Matthew, brought a camera for proof. We were walking down the halls. Scattered everywhere were desks and old books. The first thing that happened, we heard footsteps running around. Then, we heard rulers and pencils dropping on the ground. Probably the most freakiest thing that happened was, we all saw four blood red eyes floating down the hall. When we saw that, we started running towards the front door. (We left it open. It was night.) The door shut on us when we got closer to it. It opened right away when we tried to open it.

  • Gracie Baucom says:

    The picture looks real if there was a video maybe i could see that the figure was real

    (p.s.:make a video from the pictures)

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