Mysterious Winged Being Filmed In Indonesia

The following footage shows what is being called a “winged being’ by some and an extraterrestrial by others. Still others are saying that this footage has captured an image of the divine..A real angel. The footage was allegedly captured by security cameras in Indonesia and shows what appears to be a bright, pulsating, humanoid type figure descend to the ground and immediately ascend rapidly towards the heavens. One cant help but to think of the recent Jerusalem ufo footage, when seeing this. The biggest difference is that this is much more up close and personal. You can see what appears to be wings on the humanoid figure. The incident apparently does not go unnoticed by security guards, who immediately run towards the spot where the figure had appeared. They seem genuinely concerned as they wave their flashlights around to find an explanation. Many have called this footage a hoax, while others firmly believe that this is the best footage ever captured of what could be an angel. We have included the original footage, along with another video, in which a woman slows down the footage and narrates. So what do you think? Genuine evidence of something paranormal or divine? Or clever hoax?

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Slowed down and with commentary:

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

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