Mysterious Red “Alien” Rain Falls In India

It’s been raining in Kerala ,India. However, this rain is unlike any rain you may be used to. Blood colored rain has been falling and so far experts have been stumped. According to StephenhannardADGUK, the rain is being called a “possible alien life form” and some scientists are saying that this red rain is from a life form that is unknown. ¬†Astrobiologist Godfrey Louis has proposed the controversial theory that the “blood rain” is from an alien life form that lacks DNA. There are also other reports that claim the DNA extracted from the apocalyptic rain doesn’t match anything known on the planet earth. If you are able to accurately interpret this footage, please help us out by verifying the captions seen in video. So what do you think? Is this strange rain evidence of extraterrestrial life? If not, what are your theories?

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