Mel’s Hole – Search For The Bottomless Pit

There is a place near Manastash Ridge in Ellensburg, Washington that few have seen but many still claim exist. The place isn’t a building or  a mysterious patch of land, like other strange places we usually talk about. To put it simply..It’s a hole.

This hole, also known as “Mel’s Hole” was allegedly discovered by Mel Waters many years ago. The mystery hole is said to have paranormal properties and some claim that the hole is miles deep. Some even claim that the hole is a bottomless pit.

Many stories and theories have surrounded Mel’s Hole over the years. One man claimed that he had visited the paranormal pit and threw the lifeless body of his pet dog into it’s depths. Strangely, the man claims that the dog returned to him the next day.

Others claim that there is a secret underground base of sorts, that the hole leads to. UFO activity has of course been associated with the area, causing many to believe that there is something strange happening in the forests of Ellensburg. Satellite imagery that blocks out the location where many believe Mel’s Hole to be, has only fueled the believers.

So What Is Mel’s Hole? Does it truly exist? Many groups have set out to locate the mystery hole, with no luck. Mel’s Hole was first featured on Coast to Coast AM, when Mel Waters first told his tale. he described the hole as having a 3 ft brick wall surrounding it and being about 9 ft in circumference.  Others came forward that seemed to verify his story and still more claimed to know where the hole was located. Although nobody seems to be able to find the paranormal pit known as Mel’s Hole, many locals believe that the alleged bottomless pit exists and is out there somewhere, waiting to found again. Some even believe that a government cover up of the mysterious hole has taken place. Mel himself has told stories about “Men In Black” paying him a visit and claims to have abandoned the land because of this reason.

Mel Waters hasn’t been much help to bottomless pit seekers and most believe that until he decides to come clean with the actual location (which Mel has always kept secret) we may never locate the pit.

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