Mansfield Reformatory

Mansfield Reformatory sits ominously in Mansfield, Ohio and is reported to be one of the most haunted places in the country.  It was originally built as a reformatory for boys, until the mid 1970’s when it received the overhaul that transformed it into an Ohio state prison. It was closed in 1990 and according to many, has been the home of a multitude of ghosts and spirits, belonging to it’s former prisoners and even employees.

The reputation for ghosts and hauntings is not surprising considering the history of Mansfield Reformatory. It is said that the prison was responsible for the torture and brutal punishment of many inmates and boys who were housed there. Mansfield Reformatory is reported to have been a living nightmare for many inmates trapped within it’s walls. This kind of brutal punishment and confinement seems to be common history for many haunted prisons. The terrible negative impressions left on the atmosphere is blamed by many for the reported hauntings.

One area of Mansfield that is heavily reported as being haunted is the administration wing. A Warden and his wife resided in this area and it is also the place of one of Mansfield’s terrible tragedies. It is reported that the warden’s wife, while reaching into the closet, accidentally knocked a gun from a shelf inside. The gun fell to the ground and discharged into her chest. She later died at the local hospital from her wounds. It wasn’t long before people began to whisper about the possibilities of the Warden being responsible for the bullet that took her life. These rumors were never proven and the Warden himself died a few years later at the same hospital. It is said that the warden and his wife still reside in the administration area and people have reported smelling the strong scent of perfume that was worn by the Warden’s wife. Visitors have also reported sudden drops in temperature in this area and former prisoners claimed that the warden’s wife would come into the cells and tuck the inmates in, by pulling on their blankets

The infirmary is another place inside the reformatory that is rumored to be riddled with spirits. Many terrible deaths occurred over the years inside the infirmary and it is no surprise that visitors and paranormal investigators alike, have reported strange experiences there.

The Chapel inside the reformatory is rumored to have once been the execution room where many inmates were tortured and died agonizing deaths. It is believed to possibly be the most haunted place within the reformatory. Visitors have claimed to witness apparitions of the long dead inmates in it’s doorways.

The basement is where the ghost of a 14 year old boy who was savagely beaten to death is believed to reside, along with other spirits. The “hole” where prisoners were put when punishment was deemed necessary is also said to still hold the spirits of emotionally tortured inmates inside. It is reported that many prisoners lost their life while in the hole while suffering it’s terrible conditions.

There are many areas within the Reformatory that are rumored to be haunted. People who visit have often reported feelings of sickness after their visit. Photography equipment has also been said to malfunction while inside the reformatory. Mansfield
reformatory is available for tours to the public if you ever happen to be in the area and want to catch a glimpse of one of the most haunted locations in America.

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