Mammoth Cave

Mammoth cave is known to many as the largest cave on earth. It is also known to many as the most haunted cave in the world. Mammoth Cave has over 300 winding miles of darkness within it’s walls.  Many of the haunted cave’s passages are hidden and still unexplored. People have been visiting the haunted cave since at least the 1800’s. Locals whisper that one of the mammoth caves more famous guides still lingers within its passages.

Stephen Bishop was a slave who served as a guide to the Mammoth Caves. He is credited for drawing many maps of the intricate cave that are still used today. When offered freedom it is said that Bishop refused, for fearof losing his cave. Bishop is rumored to still dwell within the cave walls and will help guide people who become lost back to safety.

“Melissa” is another famous ghost that is said to wander the darkness of Mammoth cave. Melissa was a young and beautiful girl who had fallen in love with her tutor, who was a northerner from Boston. When he rejected her advances, she became angry and decided to lure him into the caves (of which she was very familiar) and leave him there lost and alone. When she went back to end her
cruel practical joke, she could not find him.Unfortunately, he was never seen again. It is said that Melissa is still lurking inside the cave, looking for her tutor.

There have been hundreds of reported sightings and experiences at Mammoth Cave. The cave has been turned into a national park and tours are still given there even today. Some of the tourists have also reported strange experiences while inside Mammoth Cave. Some have even claimed to have been shoved or pushed.

Hollow Earth theorists (folks who believe that the earth is hollow) believe that one of the few entrances into the realms of Hollow Earth is located within mammoth cave. Either way, mammoth cave is definitely a legend that will never die and will remain as big as it’s name implies.

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