Maco Ghost Light

There is a railroad crossing near Maco, NC that has had it’s share of ghost tales. In 1867, a conductor was riding in the rear car when it became separated from the train. In what would be one of his last acts, the conductor frantically waved his lantern to warn the train that was following behind. His heroic efforts to warn the oncoming train did not work. Unfortunately the conductor waited too long before trying to save himself. There was a horrible crash and in a twisted screeching clash of metal, the conductor was decapitated. His headless body was found near the tracks, still clutching his lantern.

Since then, many people have reported seeing a swinging light at the tracks.  Many say that it comes from the long dead conductor’s lantern. Locals believe he is still trying to stop the train that took his life, unaware that he has passed on.

Thousand of people have witnessed these lights including President Grover Cleveland, in 1889. In the same fashion as The Brown Mountain Lights, theselights have baffled scientists and locals alike for many years.

Above is a picture of what we are told this abandoned section of track looks like today.  Looks like a good camping spot. If you dare.

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