Scary Maze Game | Exorcist Maze

The Scary Maze Game!

Have You Played the Scary Maze Game? Play it Here at Mostly Ghosts! Test your skills and slight of hand as you work your way through each level of the scary maze. How far can… Continue reading

Mysterious Red “Alien” Rain Falls In India

It's been raining in India. However, this rain is unlike any rain you may be used to. Blood colored rain has been falling and so far experts have been stumped. Continue reading

“White Bigfoot” Video Analysis

This video features footage that was allegedly obtained in the backyard of a Pennsylvania man, known Bobywade. The footage has manages to stump a few experts, while some others believe it is nothing more than another clever Bigfoot hoax. Continue reading

Black Forest Entity – A Colorado Haunting

In 1990, Steve Lee and his family moved into what they thought was their dream home, but what would soon become one the most documented and debated hauntings in modern history. Continue reading

Two Year Old Boy Wakes Up At His Own Funeral

A family is still recovering after a strange and so far unexplained experience in Brazil. Early this month, Kelvin Santos was pronounced dead by doctors after he stopped breathing during treatment for pneumonia at a hospital in Belem, Brazil. Continue reading

The Black Beast Of Exmoor

Among the rolling hills of England, lurks a beast that has been stalking and devouring livestock for many years now. Most eyewitnesses describe the creature as cat like, with a long muscular body, small ears and an extraordinarily long tail. Continue reading

Ten Famous Ghost Pictures

We have lots of different images that are said to depict ghosts here. In this post we will take a look at ten of the most famous ghost pictures ever taken. These are the pictures that captured the imaginations of countless people and caused many to take a closer look at ghosts and other paranormal phenomena throughout history. Although some have been proven to be hoaxes, they all will remain some of the most famous ghost pictures ever taken. Continue reading

Vampire Skeletons Found in Bulgaria

Two "vampire' skeletons dating back nearly 800 years have been unearthed near a monastery in the Bulgarian town of Sozopol. These skeletons are not typical, but are certainly not the only ones of their kind. Continue reading

Fact Or Faked Team “Shoots” Down Long Standing Military Explanation

The Fact Or Faked: Paranormal Files team did something amazing during season two of their hit television show on SyFy. Although many of their episodes have been entertaining, this one in particular was groundbreaking. Continue reading

11 Year Old Boy Snaps UFO Picture

Eleven year old Jack Brody was playing outside of his Epping Forest, UK home on May 27 2012, when he spotted something strange in the sky. Continue reading
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