Jerusalem UFO Footage | January 2011

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This video contains three different pieces of footage from the recent January 2011 Jerusalem UFO sighting and are believed to be the original pieces of evidence that documented the Jerusalem UFO.

The glowing  and fast moving object was allegedly witnessed and filmed hovering over the Dome of The Rock inside the Holy City. There have been a number of hoaxed videos to follow since the original sighting in Jerusalem.  Some have even chattered that these hoaxed videos were created purposely to discredit what could be one of the most amazing ufo sightings ever captured on film.  What do you think. Are you watching a real ufo inside the holy city of Jerusalem or something else? You can see more UFO Videos at our new and growing  website with the Latest UFO Sightings.

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One Response to Jerusalem UFO Footage | January 2011

  • prescella says:

    Watching this video makes me feel creepy. I did watch a lot of this kind of UFO video from YouTube,
    and wondering how they look like.

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