Ghost Stories: It Wasn’t Supposed To Be Haunted

The following is a personal ghost story submitted to us by a guest named B. Forbes

I lived in Savannah, GA for a few years and spent plenty of time downtown in the historic squares and in the taverns along River Street and Bay Street. Being downtown was like stepping back in time and the buildings and history of the city was always fascinating to me. I moved away to North Carolina after a few years where I met the love of my life and was married. After telling my wife about the city and after she watched “Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil”  it wasn’t long until we were planning a trip to Savannah.

Being familiar with the many ghost stories of Savannah, I joked about finding a haunted hotel. My wife would have no part of this and even threatened to go home if I tried to book a room in a hotel rumored to have ghosts.
I eventually gave up and we decided on a lovely suite on Lafayette Square. There were no ghost stories associated with it as far as I knew and it really was a perfectly romantic place. You could see the beautiful St. Johns cathedral just outside the window and could hear the clickity clack of horse hooves giving the historical tours. The floors were dark hardwood and the entire place felt as if we had traveled backwards in time.

It didn’t take us long to notice that the room (which was the size of a large apartment) had an eerie feeling about it. There was a painting of a young woman from long ago hanging over the fireplace that seemed to constantly watch our every move. Strange things would happen like lights going on or off by themselves or doors closing without any help from us. All this in broad daylight as we sat. It was easy to joke with my wife everytime something strange happened. It wasn’t until that night that things were much less funny.

That evening, with the room darker and sleep creeping upon us, my wife and I laid in the rather large bed and talked about what we would do the next day. We had both stopped talking and were drifting off to sleep when I heard something that gave me chills. The voice of a woman that seemed to be sobbing and wailing in sadness. It seemed somewhat muffled but was very clear and audible..At least to me. I didn’t say a word in fear that my wife would think that I was insane or trying to joke with her again. It was only few seconds until my wife said” Do you hear that?” I was relieved to know that it wasn’t just me hearing it. Thinking that someone outside of the suite was having a bad night, I decided to go out onto the balcony and check the alleys below. I was sure that I would find a heartbroken girl, possily in the midst of a breakup outside. (although this particulr area did not have any bars or places that anyone should be hanging out at this time of night) When I opened the door and stepped outside..It was totally silent. You could have heard apin drop. There wasn’t a sound to be heard or a human being to be seen. Just total silence of night. Strangely, when I walked back in to let my wife know about my findings, I could clearly hear the sobbing woman. The sounds were only audible inside our suite! Our particular building only had three suites stacked on top of each other in the historical building. We knew for a fact that we were the only guests in the entire building. Nobody was below us. It was like we had the entire building to ourself, which we liked.

My wife was sure that she heard the female voice saying “Get Out” through the ghostly sobs, but to be honest, I only heard moaning or crying. Although we were both more than just a little disturbed by this entire event, we managed to settle down again for a “good” nights sleep.

That night, I was having a hard time sleeping and assumed my wife was too. A short while later I heard my wife get our of the bed and walk around the bed towards the bathroom in the hallway. The sound of feet sliding across the old harwoods were very distinct. I assumed that she was simply going to use the bathroom, until i moved my leg and my feet touched hers! I had been on my side with my back towards my wife. If it wasn’t her feet shuffling along the wooden floors..Whose was it? This was extremely disturbing and I knew that we were not alone in this historic Savannah suite.

Later that night, I had the most strange dream ( at least I think it was) in which i felt as if someone or something was on top of me, forcing my face into the pillow and I was suffocating. It was a dreadful feeling of helplessness and somehow I knew that I was in the presence of evil. I woke up gasping for air, as if I had actually been suffocating.

The next day I casually asked the propert manager if there had ever been any ghost stories associated with the place. She acted as if I was joking and told me that there were no ghosts that she knew of. So that’s the end of my personal paranormal experience. If anyone has any information on a female ghost that is attached to Lafayette Square in Savannah, Ga somehow, please comment on my story and let me know. So far I have only found tales of a male ghost on the square. But our experience was very real an there has got to be an explanation. After all, It wasn’t supposed to be haunted. Thanks for reading.

B. Forbes

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2 Responses to Ghost Stories: It Wasn’t Supposed To Be Haunted

  • scarlet arianna says:

    it could have easily been a residual haunting, the sickening feelings of being watched, and thesound if someone else in the suite with you. It could have been the memory of a vengeful and heartbroken girl who had lived and died many years ago. Everything we touch leaves a piece of us behind, and wood is especially known for preserving energy needed to produce a residual haunting. You should check with the property manager again to see if anyone has reported anything similar since your experience.

  • J.Swackhammer says:

    Hmmmm.I would suggest you go back to the hotel at night (or day,whichever is least creepy) ask the spirit What’s your name? Why are you sad? Why are you haunting this place? You don’t have to use a Ouija board, it may or could just tap a wall or something, or if you get lucky,she might even just talk. Hopefully this will work, God be with you.

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