Is Nicolas Cage A Vampire?

Is Nicolas Cage A Vampire? This may sound far fetched like the plot of Cage’s latest film, but to one man..It’s true. The photograph seen here was taken in 1870 and is said to be 100% authentic. The man who owns the 140 year old picture says it was found in the back of a book containing “pictures of the dead”.

Photo’s were often taken during those times only after someone’s death as a way to remember them. However, this man seems to be alive. He also seems to have a striking resemblance to none other than Nicolas Cage. This was the only photo in the book that had no name attached to it. ¬†Jack Mord, the man who placed the photo on ebay is asking a cool one million dollars for what he claims is proof that Nicolas Cage is one of the undead.

Mord claims that Nicholas Cage is able to regenerate himself every 75 to 100 years and start life over as a new person. Today he is an actor, but in his next life may be a politician or musician. The outlandish claims by Mr. Mord have gained him and his ebay listing lots of attention. He has even received offers for the pic but has turned them all down so far. He promises to let the buyer authenticate the photograph and age of photo and guarantees the authenticity.

So is Nicolas Cage an immortal? Is he a vampire? Don’t bet on it. However, Cage may very well have found a long lost relative and certainly has a doppelganger that lived over a century ago. If nothing else, the eerie photograph will make a nice conversation piece for the one who eventually pays the hefty one million dollar price tag.

Update: 10/01/2011 The “Nicolas Cage Vampire Photo” Ebay listing has mysteriously vanished. Did Jack Mord finally get an offer he couldn’t refuse? Would someone actually pay one million dollars for Mord’s picture? We may never know.

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13 Responses to Is Nicolas Cage A Vampire?

  • Austin says:

    Nicolas Cage is not a vampire! If this guy says the photo is authentic and true prove it, and even so that doesn’t make Nicolas Cage as a vampire.

  • Diane says:

    Hey, if Cage was or is a vampire, why the hell would he become an actor? I mean, people will get suspicious and all…

  • Luiz Bergamo says:

    Of course Cage is not a vampire. Vampires look alive!

  • flab says:

    he is obviously a vampire i mean do you know how much teeth surgery he has had it is a pain to seee!

  • J.Swackhammer says:

    He is not a vampire. That guy in the picture could be a long lost relative or a look-a-like. Guys,that’s like saying “Is Bill Murray a ghost?” Guys,Seriously,he’s a good actor not a vampire.Ok? Got that? Get it into your head everyone Nicolas Cage is not a vampire!

  • SoulBouy says:

    Hey J.Swackammer ~ Don’t be daft Everyone knows Bill Murrays not a Ghost ~ He’s a Ghost Buster !!! ~ With a letter like yours ~ It makes one think that J.Swackhammer could be an alias For Nic Cage & by the way ~ My youngest daugter Love’s Nic Cage so much ~ she always has a pic of him in her purse !

  • lygra cat says:

    wow it does actually look like him but i saw an interview on the t.v two days ago about nic cages new film and he was asked if he had seen the photo , he then replied that he had and he did look in the mirror every day just to make sure that he was not a vampire and thankfully not and that was from the man himself , anyway why buy it when you can just print it off ha one million yeah right.

  • Ale says:

    Oh… he’s a vampire… that’s why he always looks like he just left the tanning bed or the fake tan salon… to conceal his white white skin… that matches his super white white teeth…

  • Ma'gouch says:

    Nicholas cage is indeed NOT a vampire. but this may be a previous reincarnation, or a long lost relative. But if he was a vampire, i would be able to tell.

  • Uh Huh says:

    Photo shopped

  • dada says:

    lmao this is great XD yes he is indeed, indeed

  • Hi says:
  • MFV says:

    This makes no sense vampire folklore says that they can’t see their own image in a mirror or in photos. PROBLEM SOLVED! your welcome -MFV.

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