Is My House Haunted?

Bumps in the night, shadows and unexplainable occurrences happen in many homes. Much of these experiences can be attributed to the house settling, airflow through a house, light reflections and more. If you have found yourself wondering if the strange experiences you’ve had could be something more than just coincidence you may be wondering “Is My House Haunted?”

The first step to deciding whether or not your house could be haunted is to do some investigating. First, you need to know the history of your home. How old is your house? Who owned it before? This may seem tedious but many haunted places have a story behind them. Were there ever any traumatic or high energy events that took place in your home or on it’s grounds? Just because your home is only a few years old does not mean that your house cannot be haunted. In fact it is a misconception that only old, dark and cob web filled houses can be haunted. Suppose you decided to build a house on the Gettysburg Battlefield. We all know the tragedy and pain that transpired there. Many paranormal investigators believe that the grounds themselves hold an energy of their own. So in addition to the house history you should also find out about the land history as well.

Talk to locals. Ask locals who have been around for awhile if they know anything about your house. You don’t have to say “Is My House Haunted?” You can just ask if they know any history.  You may be surprised at just how many people know more about your house than you do. Also, if there are any spooky ghost stories associated with your house, folks are usually quick to tell you.

Verify Claims. This step is often overlooked even by seasoned ghost hunters. Check your local library and other sources of public records. Decide which stories have validity and which do not. You may even be able to start connecting your own experiences with the home’s history.

Survey your home. Is there scientific explanation for what you have experienced? Checking to see whether or not there are high emf readings in or around your home could answer some of your questions. Sometimes it could be as simple as the electrical wiring in your home that is causing your haunted experiences. High levels of electromagnetic energy has been known to cause paranoia and even hallucinations. Sometimes these EMF’s can happen naturally within the earth. They are also associated with the manifestations of ghosts and spirits. So if there are no obvious sources of the EMF but you can detect spikes that are associated with haunted happenings, you may just have a haunted house. These detectors are readily available online and are usually not very expensive.

Talk to what you think may be causing you to wonder “Is My House Haunted?” You can buy a digital recorder and record your one sided conversation. Just like you may have seen famous ghost hunters do on tv, you can play it back and even enhance or analyze your recordings with free software like audacity. You might find out that they weren’t one sided conversations after all. This may seem awkward at first, but this method of investigating has yielded some of the most startling evidence of the paranormal during recent history.

Another important step to deciding if your house is haunted is to look within yourself. Are you normally a completely sane and rational person? Do you take any medications that could be causing the feelings that your house is haunted?  As funny as this sounds..Have you bumped your head? Sometimes brain injuries do not manifest themselves instantly and abnormal feelings including hallucinations could be a sign of something far scarier than a ghost.

What If My House Is Haunted?

If you have exhausted all of the above steps and are convinced that your house is haunted, you may want to call in professionals at this time. There are professional paranormal investigators out there who can not only help to verify your experiences but can counsel you as well. They can help you with the obvious reaction of horror upon discovering that your house is haunted with real ghosts.

Afterwards it’s time to decide  how you feel. Does knowing that your house is haunted make it even more interesting or fun to live there? Are you ready to pack up and move out as quickly as possible? Fortunately most cases of hauntings are not harmful or dangerous to the residents. It really is more spooky than anything. Some have even grown to accept that there house is haunted and consider the entities within their home “friends”. There are no promises that you will have such a friendly ghost, however.

Finally, if you decide to sell and you have discovered that your house is haunted, it is required in many areas that you disclose this information. So when your potential buyer asks “Is My House Haunted?” You just may have to say yes.

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7 Responses to Is My House Haunted?

  • sherrie torres says:

    My house is definetly haunted since we bought it 8 or 9 yrs ago. I have seen alittle boy, my son has seen a little boy and an older lady with white hair. My seven year old is now seeing people and they talk to her an she is petrified. Won’t sleep by herself. My husband has been held down in bed and heard his name called and so have I heard my name called. My seven year old is scared to death. There has been numerous other things too. Door slammed off the hinges almost. T.v turning on. Glasses thrown off counter and smashed. My car started twice in 2 minutes. Just and abundance of things. Talked to neighbors. The one said along time ago a seven or eight year old boy that lived in our house fell threw the ice in basically our back yard We live near a little lake and the mohawk river is on the other end. The old man and old woman both passed in the house. He said his house is haunted too and his daughter wont stay home by herself. Its been and adventure. Im find but after 9pm I won’t stay in the house by myself. sherrie torres

  • Jane Phipps says:

    I assess if a house is haunted or not by switching off our known senses. I would initially start with the following technique. Sit outside your home, close your eyes and mentally walk around the house slowly. If there is a presence there you will either see it in your minds eye or feel it. If this happens pause your “walking”, observe and take note of what you are seeing. If you are able to open a dialogue with this presence ask it to leave, be firm but polite. Please note that not all presences will be hauntings; it could be a transient presence an aspect of a person living there or something risidual. This technique will work on all and your observation should give an indication of the form. If you are really scared (like Sherrie’s comment) or the presence refuses, then it’s best to seek help.

  • Shannon says:

    It all started off when I was about 12 (6 years ago). I was lying in bed one night at 11:33 exactly. The hallway light was on and shining fully into my room. I closed my eyes for a minute, but when I opened them back up (what seemed like only a minute later) my room was dark, which was odd because I didn’t hear my parents shut off the lights and go downstairs. I sat up in bed and immediately saw a grown man sitting on the end of my bed. It was just an outline and before I could comprehend what I had seen, I blacked out. when I woke back up the lights were back on. I looked at the clock and it read 11:33. After this incident the ball really started rolling. Since then I have heard my name being said when I enter my room, I’ve experienced the feeling of being watched quite frequently, the feeling of being touched (mostly my face), and my cat will begin to meow nonstop for no apparent reason (sometimes this is coupled with my feeling of being watched). In one other incident my dog did something very out of the ordinary. My dog has only ever growled twice in the last 6 years we have had her. once was at a police officer in the park behind our yard, and the other time was just out of no where in my room. I was sitting on my bed when she stood up suddenly and began to growl. I walked over to her to try and calm her down, and when I did I noticed that the spot directly in front of her was very, very cold. There are no vents near that spot in my room and all my windows were closed.

  • Abbie says:

    my house is hounted because years a go there use to be a grave yard so its scary at night i see shadows in my bedroom my brother is seeing a girl dressed in black and i am seeing a boy dressed in black so i am so scared doors are slamind at night socks getting trowed off the table tv turned on last night cold spot are all over the place

  • Latasha says:

    I moved into my house in October of 2005. My oldest son was unpacking some boxes, and he told me that he saw a little fury brown thing that was walking upright into the wall. He yelled for me and I ran but we never saw it again. I asked my neighbors about the history of the home and one man told me that he rented the house that we were in and saw the same thing but he didn’t see it anymore. He said occurred when he moved in the house. Since then, we have been hearing something shoved into the wall and shadow figures but it happens around 1pm for some strange reason. We have a room in the house that smells like garlic after we see the shadows. Whatever it is it is not harming my family and I but I have asked it to leave but ever now and then we see, hear, and smell garlic. My neighbor said that a man name Tom stayed here back in the days and he was a farmer. I am buying this home now.

  • Eric says:

    My house is haunted because there are children in civil war time, women in civil war clothes, and floating heads. I’m frieking out!!!

  • Ronnie says:

    I’m not sure if my house is haunted. But there have been some strange things going on. My friends feel uncomfortable when they sleep over. There have been times where I hear noises in the middle of the night when I turn off all the lights in my home and the next day a light is on knowing I turned it off. One day my sister and I were in my mom’s room playing video games I just came back from using the bathroom while my sister was still in the room doing her hair as she turned towards the t.v it went off. It freaked me out cause the both of us were no way near the t.v. Then there was a time I was asleep until a felt this warm sensation on my arm I looked to see and it was a red hand print on my arm. I flipped out!!! It blew my mind. A few weeks ago around 12pm I was watching television in the living room my sister had just went upstairs so I decided to wash the little dishes that were left so I picked up the cups and plates as i headed towards the kitchen for a quick second I swear I saw someone on top the stairs it looked like a person in a light blue gown. I went back and the person was gone. I knew it was my mom cause she wasn’t home that night or my grandma was asleep in her room. I asked my sister if she was standing on top of the stairs and she said no she was in the bedroom the entire time. I was confused and scared at the same time. I thought I was crazy but listening to some friends telling me they have experience strange things in their own home and reading these stories on this site makes feel better knowing the only one who thinks their house is haunted.

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