Is It Real? Lake Erie UFO Footage

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This mysterious footage has gained lots of attention since it’s original capture on August 18th of 2006. The footage has been featured on a number of news and television shows, including “UFO Hunters”. ¬†The remarkable thing about the footage is that it was taken over Lake Erie, Michigan within 35 miles of a nuclear power plant. Since 9/11 these areas have been strictly enforced as no fly zones.

The other side of the lake is over fifty miles away, which makes light from the other side, ( which some have claimed is the explanation for this video) impossible to see. Many have hailed this footage as one of the most authentic pieces of UFO evidence ever captured. It shows what looks to be glowing, pulsating orbs of light, maneuvering through the night sky. What do you think? Could it be an authentic u.f.o?

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