Is Ghost Adventures Real?

Is Ghost Adventures Real? This is a question asked by millions of people by now, as The Ghost Adventures crew and Zak Bagans have soared to popularity. Since their first independent documentary in which Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin set out on a quest to prove the existence of ghosts, the three friends have been talked and chattered about globally. This chatter was taking place within the paranormal community and by people who had never even had an interest in ghosts..Until they saw Ghost Adventures.

It wasn’t long until the Ghost Hunting team had their own show, which first aired on October 17, 2008. And was practically an instant hit. But the question left lingering in peoples minds was “Is Ghost Adventures Real?”

The best way to investigate this question is to first take a look at Bagans himself, which is the producer and narrator of the show “Ghost Adventures”. Zak Bagans has stated in various interviews that he is a skeptic, who had never believed in ghosts. It wasn’t until he had his own encounter with a ghost that haunted the apartment building he lived in that he became a real believer. The details about Zak Bagan’s experience that changed his life and set him on a quest to capture evidence of ghosts are few, but Bagans believes that it was the ghost of a woman who had committed suicide in his apartment building. Now years later, Bagans, Groff and Goodwin are three of the most talked about and popular people in the Paranormal world. It does help to know that Bagans was a skeptic for most of life until “the experience”

The Ghost Adventures Crew is known for it’s no holds barred approach to Ghost Hunting. Zak Bagans has used the word “emotional” to describe their methods of investigating. Bagans is often seen taunting what he believes to be evil spirits or ghosts. Unfortunately for Bagans, the spirits have taunted back. On the bright side.. It was all caught on film numerous times. But Is Ghost Adventures Real?

In an interview with, when asked if the Ghost Adventures footage was available for analysis by independent researchers, Zak stated ” Actually that’s why we feature various independent experts to analyze our footage in all our documentaries/ shows to get as close as we can to validating it for the public.” So chances are that Bagans and The Ghost Adventures Crew won’t be handing over their crown jewels of paranormal evidence anytime soon to the general public. However, Zak also made it clear in the very same interview that when filming his documentary, it took three years and countless hundreds of hours of filming and investigating just to get the evidence for the “Ghost Adventures” documentary.

This is something that we as viewers of Paranormal tv often forget. The investigations that we see took a lot longer than the 30 minute or one hour shows (including commercials) that we see. Often paranormal investigators leave haunted locations with nothing. It’s trial and error, hit and miss for most Ghost Hunters. So the fact that there are many pieces of ghostly and paranormal footage obtained by The Ghost Adventures Crew does not make it fake or any less Real..It just means that they could have spent many hours in a quest to obtain it. Which they did..And still do.

Let’s face it. All paranormal investigation shows are “spruced” up by Hollywood in the name of ratings and entertainment. But the footage by Ghost Adventures may very well be real. It’s just presented in a more shocking and disturbing way for obvious reasons. Bagans, Groff, Goodwin and even our friends over at T.A.P.S. are all normal people who loved and were fascinated with Ghosts and the Paranormal long before we knew who they were. They were for the most part..Regular people like you and I.

So what if they allow Syfy or the Travel Channel to spruce up or creatively edit footage before airing. Do they even have a choice? Would you be okay with a few stretches of the truth as long as fans were happy and you got to do what you loved to do..And get paid well for it? Something to ponder. So Is Ghost Adventures Real? Only the ones sitting in those dark places with cameras and equipment know that. But I for one..Believe.


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4 Responses to Is Ghost Adventures Real?

  • iloane says:

    i think it’s real because they give enough evidence that is real the big question is “Are Ghosts Real in General?”

  • Laurie says:

    I do believe in ghosts because I have had encounters myself. My question is do you think all ghosts are the work of the devil playing with our minds? The Bible says there is no such thing as ghosts and the dead know nothing. How do you explain that?

  • Angela says:

    At first I use to watch the show. But it just seems Zak is so damn dramatic it’s almost like i can’t take it serious any more. I believe in ghosts. i’ve been tormented since I was a child. and still am, unfortunately. I watch the shows, but I don’t have to go look for entities, they come to me. and i’m tired. very tired of it.

  • Vijay Persaud says:

    I am an avid enthusiast of paranormal education. I don’t believe things just because people say so. I find that watching the Ghost Adventures crew in action is quite believable. The reactions I see when they are recording seem very genuine to me. I honestly do not believe that they would put their necks out and get so popular and well known world wide just to hoax the whole thing. If they did, getting caught doing so would not only be devastating for them, but I could only imagine the backlash they would have to deal with from other investigators, enthusiasts, and fans.

    I for one believe the experiences of the GAC to be real. I hope they continue to bring to the public their findings because they are one of the groups that inspires me to write as I do, also run the group that do.

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