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Wondering How To Become A Ghost Hunter or Paranormal Investigator?

Educate yourself with an open mind. Read, ask questions, participate in conversations on forums or at websites like,, and Not knowing can be dangerous and does little to help property owners with their paranormal issues. Once you have done this find a local team and contact them. Many teams all over the country are seeking new members. Armed with the knowledge you have collected, teams will be happy to add you.

If you are attempting to start a paranormal investigation team:

Determine why you want to start a team if you have not done so already. If you are simply trying to satisfy a curiosity or seeking a thrill, my suggestion is to stay with the tours and cemetery type investigations. These require much less equipment, but more importantly you wont be leading a property owner to believe you are trying to help them while you seek your thrill.

Once you have determined why, you then have to find the who. It is important to have as diverse a team as possible, but you all should have the same goal. The goal might be to help people, get answers, or fulfill an adrenalin rush, but if the team isn’t on the same page with that goal you will find yourself back here asking why your team didn’t stick together.

Now that you have the why and who it simply boils down to the money game. How much can you invest in your team? Since the vast majority of us do this on our own dime we are investing our own money into equipment. If your why answer is to help people you may spend more money on equipment then you would if you were merely seeking a thrill.

Final suggestions:

* If your area already has teams join one of them. It is very difficult to find members to join you in your endeavor.

* Keep it real. There are enough teams out here now that would love nothing better then to out you for being a fake. Besides the shows have run their course and you wont be a star by faking your evidence.

* Use the scientific method while conducting your investigations. Doing this will do a few things like lend credibility, helping you maintain a certain level of skepticism, and provides corroborating evidence.

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