Hell’s Gate in Alabama

The old bridge sits in waiting. Weeds are creeping closer and covering more of the seemingly ancient bridge everyday. Its wooden planks once held the weight of passing vehicles but now holds stories rumors and legends that may never die. People whisper that the bridge isn’t any normal bridge that one might cross. In fact, the old wooden bridge is known to most in Alabama as Hell’s Gate.

Hell’s Gate Bridge in Oxford Alabama is a local legend, surrounded by tales of haunted experiences and ghostly encounters. The bridge acquired it’s name because of one of the most widely reported experiences on the bridge. It is claimed that if you drive onto the bridge and are brave enough to glance over your shoulder..You will see the flaming gates of Hell at the end of the bridge. Although this disturbing experience sounds far fetched, many locals have reported seeing the fiery lights over the years.

Much of the haunted activity at Hells Gate Bridge has been attributed to the alleged death of a young couple, whose car plummeted off the bridge sometime in the 1950’s. Hells Gate Bridge gets even creepier when you factor in the second most widely reported stories. It is said that if you park on the bridge and turn off your lights you may have an unwanted guest in your vehicle. Upon leaving the haunted bridge, some have reported an unexplained wet spot in their passenger seat. Locals believe that this spot is created by the spirit of one of the two young people that had died during the fateful crash in the 1950’s.

Whether the ghost stories about Hell’s Gate Bridge are true or not, many Oxford locals believe that they are. Although an investigation by the Oxford Paranormal Society in 2007 yielded no evidence of ghosts or paranormal activity, the beliefs of those who have experienced Hell’s Gate Bridge first hand have not been shaken.

The bridge has been blocked by local officials in recent years and is no longer available for passing vehicles looking for a good scare. Many people still visit the bridge on foot, but the condition of the old bridge has raised safety concerns and I would recommend obtaining permission and letting people know where you will be if you decide to brave Hell’s Gate Bridge and test the local legends for yourself.

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