Haunted Places: Ghosts of The White House

Washington D.C.- The White House is one of the most important and recognized buildings on earth. According to some, it is also one of the most haunted buildings on earth. The Ghosts of The White House range from Abraham Lincoln, to an unknown British Soldier. The home, which has seen it’s share of tragedy, seems to be host to a multitude of spirits.

The Ghost Of Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln was one of the most “paranormal” presidents that America has known. Abraham Lincoln held at least one seance in the White House, and there are famous tales of Lincoln dreaming of his own death, shortly before it occurred. Lincoln once described waking up with coins on his eye lids. Coins were placed on the eyes of those who had passed on, to keep their eyes from opening. Of course this was a dream, but very eerie, considering what happened shortly afterwards. Lincoln also dreamed that he was wandering the hallways of the White House, and noticed that everyone he passed was sobbing. He asked one woman what was the matter, and she pointed to a body lying on a table and said “President Lincoln is dead”. Lincoln saw his own body in his dream, and was deeply disturbed by these visions.

The Ghost Of Abraham Lincoln is probably the most notable at the White house, as it has been reported by many people. Those who have stayed in the Lincoln bedroom have reported seeing the apparition of Lincoln. He has also been spotted wandering in the hallways, much like the dream he had before his death. The most famous sighting of Abraham Lincoln’s Ghost was by Queen Wilhelmina, from the netherlands. She was sleeping in the Lincoln bedroom during her stay at the White House, when she heard a tapping at her door. When she opened the door, she claimed to see Abraham Lincoln, who vanished just as quickly as he had appeared. First Lady Grace Coolidge also claims to have seen Lincoln’s Ghost, staring out of an Oval office window.

Ghosts In the Rose Garden

The Presidential Rose Garden was planted by Dolly Madison, nearly two hundred years ago. However, the rose garden was nearly removed once, when Woodrow Wilson’s wife decided that she wanted it gone. Unfortunately, Dolly would not allow that to happen. Even though Dolly Madison had passed away many years before Wilson took office, the workers claimed to see Dolly Madison. Not only did they see her, they claimed that Dolly’s ghost screamed angrily at them to stop. The workers were happy to oblige and are reported to have left the White House grounds, never to return. Nobody has attempted to remove the Rose garden since.

The Ghostly British Soldier

The White House was burned to the ground once by British Soldiers, during the revolutionary war. Because of it’s history of war and battle, it’s no surprise that people have claimed to see ghosts of soldiers long dead within the white house walls. Many people have claimed to see the ghost of a British soldier, holding a flaming torch. Could this be a residual haunting..An example of a moment in time simply repeating itself?

There are many other tales of the supernatural to arise from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Inside the Oval Office itself, and Beyond the Office Door, many have made testimonies to seeing ghosts, some of well known ghosts as well as well-known witnesses, at The White House. For those who are interested in learning more about White House Ghosts, you might like the links below.

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