Haunted Lemp Mansion

For nearly a century and a half, The Lemp Mansion has sat. It’s walls calmly watching as tragedy after tragedy unfolded.  The house was once home to the family who brought St. Louis it’s first lager beer. Some say it still is.

The Lemp Mansion, which has been pegged as one of the most haunted houses in America, was home to the Lemp family, descendants of Johann Adam Lemp, who had once owned a small grocery store, but who had built a brewery around  the year 1840. His decision to do this was based mainly on the popularity of his homemade beer that he had sold at his grocery store. It wasn’t long before Lemp’s Western Brewing Co. had become quite a success. Soon enough, the Lemp family had gone from small grocers to millionaires, earning their place in St. Louis brewery history. Adam Lemp died in 1862 and his son William took over the successful and growing family business.

This seems to be the point where the Lemp family history begins to take a dark turn. William Lemp purchased the now famous home from his father in law, and quickly moved in the mansion with his family. Everything seemed to going quite well for the Lemp’s, until the sudden and tragic death of William Lemp’s eldest son and heir to the family fortune. Frederick Lemp died in 1901, leaving his father struggling for his sanity and withdrawn from many normal activities. Soon after, William Lemp’s best friend was also killed tragically, pushing William Lemp over the edge. He committed suicide inside the Lemp Mansion a short while later.

WIlliam Lemp Jr. inherited the responsibilities of the business, and the family continued to thrive. Romors od William Jr.’s infidelity were strong at the time and while his wife was away spending the money that he insisted she spend, he was away throwing lavish parties for himself and his friends. It is said that during these days, William Lemp Jr. fathered a child with a woman other than his wife, and that the child had down’s syndrome. The illigitimacy of the child, and it’s condition was an embarrassment to the Lemp family. It is said that this child was kept in the attic of the Lemp Mansion, hidden away from public view for his entire life.  Many of the reported ghost sightings and much of the paranormal activity seems to center around this attic. Many people have reported seeing the face ( or apparition) of a boy, peering out of the attic windows. Toys left in the attic floor are also said to move by themselves.

It wasn’t long before prohibition came along and the brewery began to struggle. It was shut down in 1919. The very next year the Lemp family curse returned when Wiliiam Lemp Jr’s sister committed suicide, just as her father had done years before. It wasn’t long before William himself started to decline and withdraw, as his father had done and he too, committed suicide in the year of 1922, inside the mansion.

Charles Lemp, William Jr’s brother then inherited the mansion and is said to have lived a life of seclusion for many years. He never married. Charles soon followed in his faher, sister and brothers footsteps, by shooting himself inside the Lemp Mansion. The mansion was later sold and the reports of it being haunted began to surface.

People have reported the apparitions in windows, noises, footsteps and many more ghostly happenings inside the former Lemp home. Many said that William Lemp Jr. had stayed in the home after his death, afraid to face his father because of his business failings. The smell of lavender is often associated with the paranormal activity inside the home. William Lemp Jr’s wife wore lavender perfume. She was also rarely seen not wearing her favorite lavender color.

The home was renovated in 1975 and turned into a bed and breakfast. During renovations, many of the workers would flee the work site, never to return. After the newly renovated business was open, the reports of ghosts did not stop. People have made claims of moving or flying objects, disembodied voices, a piano that plays by itself and much more.

The Haunted Lemp Mansion definitely has all the ingredients necessary for a true haunting. And has earned it’s reputation as one of the most haunted houses in America. If you are feeling brave, you can book a room today and you just might see the ghosts of Lemp mansion for yourself. Tours are given of the Haunted mansion, and there is even a murder mystery theatre these days. You can find more information about Haunted Lemp Mansion by visiting the official site below.

Haunted Lemp Mansion

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