Haunted Disney World

Many of us have had the pleasure of experiencing the wonders of Disney World in our life. Personally, I remember how exciting it was as a kid to countdown the days, minutes and hours until our next trip. What I didn’t know about the famous theme park may have curbed my excitement.

According to many, the Haunted Mansion isn’t the only place within the theme park that is inhabited by ghosts and spirits. Guests and employees of Disney have reported strange experiences for many years. One of the more frequently spotted apparitions is just outside the haunted mansion. He is seen crying as if he had just exited the spooky ride. Always the same boy. Always the same clothes. You’d think he would learn a lesson. Other apparitions of both children and adults have been seen over the years as well, including the ghost of a young girl who just can’t get enough of the Space Mountain roller coaster and is often spotted on the ride, even after hours. Even Walt Disney himself has been rumored to wander the grounds of his personal creation. One ghost video even claims to show the ghost of Disney (or someone) walking through the gates of the haunted mansion.

Whether the phantoms are that of former guests or former employees, many claim that there is definitely something strange going on. But why would Disney World be Haunted?

What many people do not realize and what Disney doesn’t like to talk about is the popularity of the park as a final resting place. Countless numbers of people have requested to have their ashes scattered in various areas of the theme park. The most popular of which is the infamous Haunted Mansion. Although Disney does not allow this and  has had to clean up human remains in the past, folks still find a way to honor their loved ones wishes.

Having spent time there as a child I can understand why someone may want to end up at “The happiest place on earth”. The enormity of emotions that radiate throughout the parks make the presence of paranormal activity less surprising than one might think. Ghosts are often attached to particular places or things that they were fond of in life. Also, as with residual hauntings, moments of high emotion are believed to be “burned” into the atmosphere and simply replay themselves over and over again, which might explain the crying boy. Who says the emotions that spark paranormal activity have to be bad ones?

So next time you visit Orlando and brave the haunted mansion, just remember..The ghosts you are seeing just might be the real thing!

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One Response to Haunted Disney World

  • catimari says:

    i personally think Disney goes there. not for harm, haunting or spooks, but just to see people enjoying the attractions.

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