Haunted High School | Airport High School in South Carolina

Students at Airport High School in Columbia, SC are not as eager to stay for after school activities as many other high school students may be. It isn’t that they aren’t interested in extracurricular activities, like one might think. It’s more about the unwanted participant that seems to show up after school hours, making time spent at the South Carolina High School much creepier than it should be.

Local legend says that the first principal of Airport High School loved his job very much. After the school’s construction in 1958 George Pair obtained the position of principal of the school. Unfortunately, only a few short years later in 1962, Pair passed away, leaving the school temporarily without a principal. Or did he?

Ever since the passing of George Pair, students and faculty at the allegedly Haunted High School have reported seeing Principal Pair roaming the halls of the school. He is often spotted wearing a red tie and most believe that he is there to watch over the students and guide new teachers and their work. Many unexplainable things have occurred including, doors slamming shut by unseen hands, lights flickering off without good reason, lockers banging and much more. A tell tale sign that Principal Pear is near would be the sound of his shoes as they hit the tile floor inside the 100 and 500 halls of Airport High, although the tile floors were replaced with carpet many years ago.

A group of paranormal enthusiast students are said to have captured the ghost of George Pair on film in 1994, but so far Mostly Ghosts has been unable to find the alleged film. If you know of the ghost video or have a link, please post in the comments section.

The Ghost of Principal George Pair is claimed to be nothing but local urban legend by some, while remaining very real to others who have seen or experienced the ghost first hand. Either way, the ghost of the long dead principal is sure to keep both students and teachers on their best behavior for many years to come.

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