Guam Zombies | Zombie Ghosts of Guam

The native people on the remote island of Guam have claimed for centuries that their island is haunted. However, the island is not inhabited by the traditional ghosts or spirits that you may expect. The Chamorro natives claim that Zombies known as TaoTaomona, have been known to attack anyone that dares enter their sacred areas. The TaoTaomona, or Zombie Ghosts of Guam have been both feared and respected for many generations and it is believed that the Zombie Ghosts are spirits of ancestors long dead.

The Guam Zombies are described as human like, with decaying bodies and are believed to lurk within the caves and jungles of Guam. The locals claim that these zombies have immense strength and that you can hear their blood curdling screams and growls echoing from within the caves at night.

Mysterious rocks known as Latte Stones are  located around the island and date back to around 600 A.D. These stones are also said to be associated with the TaoTaomona. These stone pillars, much like other strange stone monuments that remain unexplained are a mystery. Nobody knows who placed the rock pillars throughout the island. The fact that the stones are so large and heavy combined with their age, have caused locals to believe that only the Zombie Ghosts, with their super human like strength could have built them. According to the Chamorro people, the presence of a Latte Stone means that a TaoTaomona is nearby.

Although the TaoTaomona are often called Zombies, because of the way they have been described, the Chamorro people believe that they are ancestral spirits, that can also protect or guide them, much like guardian angels. It is only lack of respect for the TaTaomona that angers them and the wrath of a TaoTaomona is said to be unimaginable.

Essentially, The Guam Zombies are the Chamorro version of ghosts. The culture of the Chamorro people has been passed down for generations and many of those beliefs have been around for more than 4,000 years.

So are the Guam Zombies real? Although the descriptions of the ghosts on Guam differ than most, one thing is certain. The people of Guam have been experiencing something strange within the caves and jungles for centuries. They have done their best to describe the paranormal experiences, but when it gets down to it, it’s just another example of how every culture and civilization on earth has experienced the paranormal. Because many legends that we hear today often originated from some type of truthful events, I would say that there is definitely something lurking the limestone caves and jungles of Guam. What that something is..May never be known.


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