Grandpas Ghost Picture | Real Ghost?

This is a picture of an elderly woman at a gathering of friends and family, shortly before her death. Her family had passed this picture out because they felt like itwas such a good picture of their loved one. It was years before anyone noticed the strange figure standing behind her in the photograph. Someone who was upon further examination, not so strange at all. The family believes that this is their grandfather, the late woman’s husband. The only problem was that he had passed away many years before this photograph was taken.  What do you think? Real Ghost?

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2 Responses to Grandpas Ghost Picture | Real Ghost?

  • alyssa says:

    that is freaky sorry ugly ghosts all this scary it will make have nightmares about that stuff

  • Bobby says:

    When a person’s life is nearing the end, those that have gone on before them know that their loved one will be joining them soon & sometimes they will appear.

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