Ghost Videos : Colburn’s Bar and The Exploding Ashtray

Colburns’ Bar in Humble, TX has become quite popular recently. The popularity is not so much for the cold drinks and friendly atmosphere. It’s for the ghosts. The ghosts that caused an ashtray to explode, to be exact. This Ghost Video is from the surveillance cameras installed there. The cameras captured this strange footage just before closing. What looks to be an orb of sorts is seen floating past the cameras view and a few seconds later, a glass ashtray shatters into pieces, startling the employees.

The employees may not have expected this ghostly happening, but they have reported plenty of paranormal activity at the bar. Employees have reported feeling fingers on the back of their neck and a feeling of “being watched” when alone at the bar. The former owner of the bar is known to have committed suicide while inside of the establishment. Could it be the spirit of the former owner, still keeping the employees in line? Many people have suggested this as the cause for the strange and haunted activity inside Colburn’s bar. But as always, decide for yourself.

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