Ghost Orbs – What Are Orbs?

What are orbs?
Orbs, sometimes known as spirit orbs or ghost orbs are basically unexpected circular “spots” that appear in photos after development.  Ghost orbs are not generally visible to the naked eye at the time photo is taken. Orbs can range in size and color. Most orbs are white in color, but many orb photos show red or blue orbs as well. Ghost orbs can also appear both solid and transparent.

These orbs have become the most common form of paranormal evidence throughout the world. But are they paranormal in origin? The importance of orbs is heavily debated within the paranormal community, as most ghost orbs can be explained away by dust particles that can reflect a cameras flash, forming the white circular form in the orb photos. Many ghost hunters will argue that the
appearance of orbs occur more frequently at known haunted locations, so the importance of these anomalies must not be overlooked. Experiments have proven that dust and a cameras flash can create what appear to be orbs in photos, but still cannot account for all occurrences.

There are many theories regarding ghost orbs. Some people believe that the orbs are “spirit energy” or a ghost trying to manifest itself. Others believe that ghost orbs are a form of angels. While some refuse to believe that they are anything but dust or camera tricks. Whatever orbs are, they are definitely appearing in photos and seem to be growing in numbers over recent years. This is probably due to the rise in popularity of ghost orbs, as orbs have appeared in photos for many years and were often simply overlooked.

Whether ghost orbs are paranormal or explainable is becoming less and less important among paranormal investigators, as many do not consider an orb photo to be genuine evidence. So the jury is still out on ghost orbs. Until then, keep snapping those photos and maybe you’ll capture something that nobody will deny. If you have any good orb photos that you would like to share, please let us know at

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