Ghost Nun Photographed?

A photographer in Galway, Ireland has captured what many are saying is a real ghost on film. The photographer, Jonathan Curran, was taking a number of photographs near an area that had always been reported as haunted by locals. Curran was hoping to capture a panoramic view of the area, and took over a dozen pictures. One of the pictures however, had something both strange and unexpected.

What looks to be the ghostly image of a woman wearing the traditional garb of a 19th century Claddagh nun. Even more creepy is the fact that the unexplained woman seems to be looking directly at the photographer. The ghost was not visible in any of the photographs taken just before and after the picture that shows the nun.

“The image was not visible either before or after the photograph was taken and was not captured in any of the other photographs, either going or coming. She just seemed to appear for a moment and then disappear. There were other people on the Long Walk that day, but they seemed oblivious to her presence,” the photographer explained.

Tales of a female ghost and warnings to teenagers to stay away from the area have been around for years and this wouldn’t be the first time someone has reported a ghost at the Longwalk in Galway. So is it a real ghost? Could it be a brief glimpse back in time that was caught on film? Or is it simply an optical illusion? As always, you decide.

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