Ghost Hunting Tips

The wonderful thing about ghost hunting is that anyone can do it. Anyone brave enough to dabble in the world of the paranormal, that is. What separates a successful ghost hunter and an unsuccessful ghost hunter is attitude, determination and thoroughness, Here are a few tips that can hopefully help on your first ghost hunting adventure.

Do the research! Many Ghost hunters just starting out fail to do one of the most basic and necessary things that a ghost hunter can do. Verify stories and claims locally with a historian or at the local library. Many stories may turn out to be false or inaccurate. Additionally, you may find something that is even creepier than expected. Going into an investigation armed with knowledge will help not only by allowing you to know what you are dealing with, but is also much more professional.

Be prepared! Come equipped with the tools that you will need to conduct a good investigation. Extra batteries are always handy for equipment that may be “drained”.

Know how to properly use your equipment. The proper place to “get to know” your new equipment is not during a ghost hunt. Who knows what you could miss while battling your new equipment.

Be patient. Ghosts do not always manifest themselves simply because you expect them to. Be willing to spend some time at the location. Patience is key when ghost hunting. Capturing EVP’s is much easier when you speak slowly and actually wait for a response. Keep recording even when you are not asking questions. What you find later could blow your mind!

Be open Minded. This last tip is very important. You should never enter an investigation with your mind already made up about the existence of paranormal activity or lack thereof. Often there are good explanations for claims made, and a good hunter identifies these explainable things so that the unexplained can be focused on. Sometimes you will find amazing things in the least expected places. Additionally, you can often be disappointed when you are certain a place is haunted before you even walk in. For instance, just because the house down the road from where you grew up is the most notorious haunted house in town, doesn’t mean it is actually haunted.

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