Ghost Hunters | Real Or Fake?

Is Ghost Hunters Real? Do they fake evidence?

The now famous T.A.P.S. Ghost Hunters made their way into the limelight a few years back and managed to start a a ghost frenzy. They helped to pave the way for other Paranormal television shows such as “Ghost Adventures” or “Paranormal State”. The likable and down to earth team led by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson gathered a huge following in a short period of time after airing for the first time in October of 2004. But what was it about Ghost Hunters that caused America to fall in love with Ghost Hunting?

Many were fascinated to watch two plumbers who are best friends, spend their extra time Ghost Hunting and debunking claims of the paranormal.  Somehow these normal guys ended up on television and we liked them. Not only did they seem like “normal” guys but they seemed genuine and most of all..Honest. Jason and Grant were the all american ghost hunting family guys. Not much different than you and I.  And let’s give them some credit. Until the show became so popular, saying that you believed in ghosts just didn’t seem as trendy or accepted. They also managed to spark an interest in the paranormal that has given birth to a whole new generation of Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Investigators. But Is Ghost Hunters Real?

A Live Halloween Episode of Ghost Hunters in 2008 managed to raise a few eyebrows from otherwise faithful believers in T.A.P.S. and their methods. During this episode, Grant experienced the “Jacket Pull” that many of us watched and were amazed by. This and quite a few other ghostly things happened during the live broadcast. Unfortunately for The Ghost Hunters, other “real” things were heard and witnessed as well, which seemed to put a damper on the spontaneous investigation aspect of the show. Does this mean that Ghost Hunters Is Fake? Does it mean that T.A.P.S. is not real or genuine? I guess that would be a matter of opinion.

Real fans of the paranormal and actual Ghost Hunters will tell you that it takes many many hours of investigating before any evidence is found. Sometimes Ghost Hunters leave altogether empty handed. So to have a live broadcast of a Paranormal Investigation would seem futile..Unless there were plans to make things a little more exciting. The disastrous live broadcast combined with former T.A.P.S. case manager Donna Lacroix confessing that evidence was staged and giving Jason, Grant and The Ghost Hunters TV Show a bad reputation has managed to push away quite a few otherwise faithful fans. But what does this say about our favorite Ghost Hunters? What about Jason, Grant and Steve?

First of all it’s important to know that Donna Lacroix actually stated in her “tell all” interview that she never saw any evidence faked. She said that “they would have hid that from her”.  Many people have pointed to this interview as the ultimate evidence that Ghost Hunters Is Fake. But in reality..She never said it. Also it is important to know that as the original case manager for T.A.P.S., she was admittedly bitter over how she ended up. (Which is broke and living with her parents) while Jason and Grant seemed to be set for life. So it is easy to dismiss anything Lacroix says as simple bitterness and spite. It can be easily passed off as  nothing more than a purposeful attempt to discredit T.A.P.S. Ghost Hunters.

As a fan of the team members and the show, It almost made me sad to do the research for this article. A simple search of “Is Ghost Hunters Real Or Fake?” will lead to all sorts of anti ghost hunters rhetoric. I for one believe that T.A.P.S. has managed to capture some great evidence in the past. They have the time, money and equipment to make capturing actual evidence much more likely. I also believe that the “normal guys” persona that appealed to us all in the beginning was not fake. But I think that two normal guys taken out of their comfort zone and put under pressure by television executives will do what it takes in order to continue their passion and what many would consider a dream career. Hollywood and fame tends to destroy many who are touched by the spotlight. My opinion is that Jason and Grant are still just regular guys. They are still just plumbers at heart. But they are no longer in control of their own investigations. The almighty dollar is. So to sum it up and answer the question “Is Ghost Hunters Real Or Fake?” I will have to say..Both.

Just because they may have been caught with their hand in the cookie jar doesn’t mean they still don’t know how to make cookies. Much of the evidence that T.A.P.S. has captured has been genuine in my opinion. But do they fake evidence? Yes.. Sometimes. That’s my opinion. You are welcome to yours. Below is a link to a video pointing out some flaws in the 2008 Live Ghost Hunters broadcast and a link to Some of the best evidence captured by T.A.P.S. Which one will you choose to see? You calso take the poll below and tell us what you think.

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T.A.P.S. Lies Ghost Hunters Live 2008

Ghost Hunters Best Evidence

Official Ghost HuntersSyFy page

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13 Responses to Ghost Hunters | Real Or Fake?

  • Austin says:

    T.A.P.S is real not fake! They help people. You can tell they are real because they don’t always find stuff like Ghost Adventures and Paranormal State! those 2 shows are fake as all get out!

    • maddox says:

      If you think seriously that Ghost Hunters is real, you are naive. This is a TV Show, and like every TV Show everything is a set up. There’s lots of videos on youtube that prove that TAPS is fake. The whole point of showing that they don’t find stuff on some investigation, it is for you to think that the show is real, the same as they make you think they still work for Roto Rooter but they don’t. This is TV.. T.V. … The only thing they want, is viewers, for the advertising money and to sell their goods. Money, Money, Money. Welcome to the real world.

    • Nicole says:

      I agree completely! For example, on ghost adventures they freak out every time they “hear or see” something. Every minute they find evidence. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an episode of ghost adventures where they didn’t “find” something.

  • ormond says:

    I would love to say and prove to ppl that this show is real. But i have seen in episodes where a chair moved, but u only see just a bit of the chair, just enough to know it moved. Odd noises that when heard sounds like garbage, but when printed words are with it, you know what it says. Your mind will hear it say that, cause your eyes are looking at the words. I have lived in an appartment that was unreal. Things thrown at me, things moved, terrible feelings of things watching you, bedroom cold no matter what u did. Much much more. So yes i would love to see an episode or show that proves ghosts are real, because I know for a fact they are real.

  • Damaskar says:

    I think they are fake. Does that mean that i think ghosts and other paranormal events are fake? No. I just approach every instance skeptically. To simply accept that paranormal events happen is one thing, but to expect that they happen on a consistent, regular basis is another. As has been said elsewhere Ghost Hunters is a TV show and the fact that the footage is cut, spliced, and edited leaves enormous holes where “evidence” can easily fall into. If you want proof find it yourself. But to take what is given to you after all that editing and just accepting that it hasn’t been tampered with or at the least “enhanced” is naive.

  • Ron says:

    Ghost Hunters is as fake as Jake at a “Bake” sale.

    Just think of what you do not behind the scenes: Camera men, boom operators, producers, directors, and scripts to be followed. Why is it always dark? I will tell you why, so that you cannot clearly see the scam being perpetrated.

    If ghosts do exist – and that is a big if – why would anyone “assume” that it has to be in a dark place to find them?

    Ghost Hunters is akin to “college pranking.”

    I say put them to the test, put someone like me on the show and I guarantee you I will have everything lit up, after I thoroughly inspect the supposed ghost hang out for human pranksters cleverly concealing themselves and their gadgets.

    It is not about ghosts, it about money.

  • Karla says:

    I am on the fence. I want to believe that Ghost Hunters is real, but I also know that tv networks couldn’t keep a show on for 8 years if it didn’t produce results. Now with that said I would have to know how many investigations they go on when they are in the off season and are they all filmed and do they keep the ones where there is evidence? Maybe thats the questions you have to answer for yourself after an episode “Is it real or not?” I do believe in the paranormal only because I have had 2 experiences in my life so far. But I always thought “if” ghosts were real wouldn’t everyone come back to at least ease some of their loved ones grief by letting them know they were ok?

  • Todd says:

    I stopped watching after the 2008 thing… very disappointing because they came off as sincere. Now I am watching again and I notice that them hearing whistling is the newest thing, it happens in episode after episode where it never did before… is this a new ghost craze? Most of the “did you hear that moments” have me hearing nothing. When they capture a sound it is just that, a sound could have been anything. It is only when they suggest what might be said that my brain wants to go there. I want to believe they are being straight forward but I have doubts.

  • nancy says:

    I have been watching. Ghosthunters for years. I believe they are real .people can be very hateful and do things or say things that they regret. What does this say about the former member who claims they fake the show not much he or she had too be involve to know that was going on if it was. I believe he or she was upset and wanted to hurt the team. The great thing about this world is we have a right to our own opinions. I still believe they are stand up people and ill keep watching.

  • Renen says:

    I never understood why every single ghost hunter show or whatever HAD to have all the lights out. Besides tricking people, anyway. Ghosts come out at all times of day, not just night time. And even then, it may be at odd hours of the day. No particular set time at all. I used to live in a house that had ghosts and things happened ALL hours of the day. So the only logical reason for all the lights being out is to hide what they are truly doing: tampering with things. Television is just television, and becoming famous and earning money really does change people. They are not like the other teams who are just researching to research and going on their own dime.

  • Matt says:

    As a fan from the beginning and much less so now, the thing I notice now is that the fame and fortune of the show has seemed to go to Jason and Grant’s head. They seem lazy in their investigations and are quick to use the meters indicating a ghost’s prescence.

    Older seasons often resulted in them deeming some places as NOT haumted. Not so in most recent seasons.

    And on the subject of ratings. In the “good old days” of the show (the Brian days), the show’s ratings were HIGH. Then in recent years, the formula was changed to:

    1) Get footage of the meters lighting up showing ghosts.
    2) Maybe throw in the ghost turning on the flashlight.
    3) Deem the place haunted.

    Because of this new formula, I now rarely watch the show. The formula makes the show boring and predictable.

  • Nicole says:

    Ghost Hunters is NOT fake. I have gone ghost hunting with Steve and Tango three times, and it isn’t fake.

  • maddox says:

    Ghost Adventures is as fake as every other ghosts show, but a lot more fun to watch than Ghost Hunters, this is entertaining, nothing more. Peoples who think that these TV shows are real are completely naive. You don’t understand how TV works that’s for sure. I work for a TV channel in Canada, everything is studied to manipulate your mind. Every advertising, .. just everything.

    Every “real” TV show is cut, spliced, modified to make you believe what you see is real. Sometime they add some “drama”, so the viewers will want to watch the next episode to see what is going on..

    Even if you did go on some investigation with Grant, this is meaningless for us, you could lie. That’s not hard to do.

    For example “Finding Bigfoot” the crew criticized the producers because they added some drama or faked some finding that doesn’t even was there.

    Like I said in my previous post, money rules this world and they will do everything they can to make more and more money.

    I don’t say that residual energy and stuff like that doesn’t exist, we don’t know 10% about energy around us.. but talking to a ghost and get a reponse.. not for me. There is too much energy that can interact with their instruments they use. Even on my cell phone I have a Quantum Fluctuation’s radar.. but they call it Ghosts Radar.. this is bull. People doesn’t understand and this is what make them ignorant.

    I’m sorry if some of my word are rude, but I always say what I think.

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