Ghost Box : What Is A Ghost Box?

Many of you have heard the term “Ghost Box” or seen the popular tool used on paranormal investigations shows, such as Ghost Adventures. The Ghost Box, also known as “Frank’s Box“, has become increasingly popular over the past few years as a tool to communicate with ghosts and spirits.

The use of the ghost box has been controversial, with mixed reviews within the paranormal community. Although some of the audio heard while using a ghost box can be creepily accurate, many have claimed that it is only by chance that certain words are heard during an investigation using the ghost box.

How does a Ghost Box work?

A ghost box works by scanning multiple radio bands, (usually AM) and only bits of audio or broadcast signals can be heard as the ghost box “clicks” through the white noise. Sometimes there is only static. Many have claimed that the timing of Ghost Box EVP’s are the proof that the ghost box is truly communicating with the dead. It does seem as though the responses and audio come through at just the right moment on many occasions. Often the box is heard speaking the names of those conducting the investigation. The Ghost Box has been used to form words, responses to questions and even complete sentences on many occasions.

History of the Ghost Box

The Ghost Box is also known as a Spirit Box or ‘Frank”s Box” because the device was first invented by a man named Frank Sumption. Frank’s box was invented in in order to further Frank’s studies of electronic voice phenomenon. He has since created multiple variations of the spirit communication device and improved upon his original design. Many believe that Frank’s design has allowed spirits to use the device as a way to send messages, by manipulating the frequencies and sounds that can be heard from the device.

There are many versions of the Ghost Box for sale on the web, although mechanically inclined people may fare well by downloading Sumption’s plans for building a Ghost Box here –> How To Build A Ghost Box

There are many examples of Ghost Box EVP’s and Recordings available online in both video and audio format. The haunting messages are sometimes hard to ignore. Below are a few examples and videos for anyone who wishes to learn more about a Ghost Box.

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Ghost Box Examples (clips recorded using a ghost box)

Video: Creepy EVP’s With Ghost Box


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