Gettysburg Ghosts

It only took around three days during the infamous year of 1863 for over fifty thousand young American soldiers to lose their lives on what is now known as one of the bloodiest battle fields in existence. The Gettysburg battlefield was filled with a kind of pain and misery that most of us will never have to experience. Many say that the suffering and carnage unleashed on the grounds of Gettysburg have caused it to become haunted by the spirits of the young men who once fought and died there.

Many have claimed to witness the apparitions of soldiers from long ago. Sounds of battle echo through the night from an empty battlefield and feelings of sadness or “cold” have overwhelmed visitors. Does the historical battle still rage on? Are those brave young men still trying to finish their battle in order to get home? Many say yes, as the ghostly experiences at Gettysburg continue even today.

Paranormal investigators have often referred to the Gettysburg haunting as a “residual” haunting, which is one of many  types of hauntings that seems to replay events from history. The ghosts that are often witnessed in a residual haunting
seem to have no awareness of their surroundings. Residuals are usually associated with traumatic or energy charged events from history. Many present Gettysburg as a classic example of this type of haunting. Pictures showing apparitions, EVP’s and even video showing what looks to be marching ghosts have surfaced from this haunted battlefield.

Do soldiers still march the grounds that once hosted one of the bloodiest battles in history? We may never know for sure, but the battlefield waits patiently for anyone who would like to find out for themselves.

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