The Haunted Fort | Fort Pulaski

Fort Pulaski, Georgia sits on Cockspur Island and watches diligently over the mouth of the Savannah River. The old fort has seen it’s share of sadness and tragedy over the years, and there are many that claim to have witnessed what some consider to be left over remnants of that tragic history.

The fort rests on the site of three previous forts, one of which was destroyed by a hurricane that claimed lives there in 1804. The famous confederate General Robert E. Lee was stationed at Pulaski for awhile as his first assignment out of West Point in 1829. The Fort was later the site of a horrible incident in which over 500 confederate officers were held and starved in unheated cells during a bitter and cold winter of 1864-65.   Their cruel treatment was considered revenge by some, for alleged poor treatment of captured Federal soldiers by southern states.

Many people have claimed to have seen full body apparitions and heard strange noises and footsteps throughout the fort. Some claim that part of the newer areas of the fort is built on the old graveyard that was outside the fort walls. The prison casemate where countless men had died needlessly to starvation and disease is said to be a dreadful and “heavy” place. There is a stairwell that injured men who would later die would be carried down during battle. That stairwell is said to be haunted by the spirits of those soldiers who still do not realize that they are gone. Some believe that they are trying to make their way back up the stairs to rejoin the heated battle and defend their friends.

Fort Pulaski is now a historical tourist attraction that is open to the public and some tours are given by candlelight. Next time you are in the Savannah area, be sure to visit the haunted Fort Pulaski. Where you could be the next to see the marching spirits of soldiers long dead. Plan your tour of the Haunted Fort Pulaski by visiting the official site below.

Haunted Fort Pulaski

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