Ghost Videos: Florida Theatre Ghost Video | Fact or Faked?

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This is the disputed Florida Theatre Ghost Video as featured on Syfy’s “Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files”. The video shows what many have claimed to be an apparition in the balcony of the historical theater in Florida.

The Fact or Faked team received quite a few scares of their own as they attempted to debunk the ghost video. Instead of debunking the original video, they ended up capturing more evidence inside the historical Florida Theater that seemed to further validate the video.  What do you think? Real Ghost?

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2 Responses to Ghost Videos: Florida Theatre Ghost Video | Fact or Faked?

  • rose says:

    I am really impressed with this video. Great catch Local Haunts!

  • Wunderbred says:

    It is weird how the first 2 seats they looked at has heat signatures but when they stated that no one sat in the chair on the balcony that was untrue. The one guy sat on it to try and duplicate the original video then they set the box light on it then in front as well as the light was on so that could explain the heat on that chair

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