Fact Or Faked? The Grim Sleeper

The following video has become much more popular since being featured on SyFy’s “Fact Or Faked: Paranormal Files”. The short footage was allegedly captured when the woman seen in the video, began to worry about mysterious bruises that would appear overnight. Thinking that she may have been sleep walking or suffering from some other sleep condition, she set up a camera. What she found when reviewing the video, was shocking enough to convince her to move from her home. The footage also became one of the most popular and discussed pieces of paranormal footage online. Many began to call her case the most aggressive poltergeist activity ever caught on film. But is it real?

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The Fact Or Faked team had difficulty reproducing the footage at first. However, with a few more welds, cables and professional video editing software, they were finally able to reproduce the footage. Does this mean that the video is faked? Fact Or Faked (who has been criticized for not trying hard enough to debunk in the past) went all out this time. They created and welded different “levers” that could be used and even incorporated famous magicians illusions. Finally, they ended up using cables and a harness, then going back and editing the video to remove the cables. The verdict? Faked.

However, anything can be reproduced with enough time, money and equipment. Being able to reproduce something doesn’t always make it fake. In this particular case, I tend to agree with the Fact or Faked teams verdict. The girl seen in the video stands by her story that the video was not a hoax. What do you think? Is this real evidence of the paranormal? Or a well done and elaborate hoax?

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