Fact Or Faked Team “Shoots” Down Long Standing Military Explanation

The Fact Or Faked: Paranormal Files team did something amazing during season two of their hit television show on SyFy. Although many of their episodes have been entertaining, this one in particular was groundbreaking. The importance of the episode was lost on some, although many folks were eager to see what would unfold. Season Two Episode 1 investigated one of the most important ufo events in history, known as “The Battle Of Los Angeles

The Battle Of Los Angeles (sometimes called the Great Los Angeles Air Raid) occurred in 1942, while American citizens were still nervous about potential attacks by the Japanese. The incident managed to cause quite a scare in the LA area, with some reports of death, due to heart failure during the panic.

The event itself is something right out of a Hollywood movie script, with air raid sirens blasting, power outages and the military engaging in battle with what many say was a genuine ufo. Powerful spotlights formed a pyramid over Los Angeles, as they focused on a disc shaped object, seen hovering in the skies above. For at least twenty minutes (some claim longer) the U.S. military began to fire upon the unidentified object. Using over 1,000 rounds of 50 caliber anti aircraft ammunition, they unsuccessfully tried to bring down the mysterious object.

Soon a cease fire was called and the event was reported in local papers, as countless people demanded an explanation. Although the military initially claimed that the object was indeed an unidentified object, they soon changed their story and for the first time, told the press that it had only been a weather balloon. We would soon see similar stories out of Roswell, New Mexico. The Roswell incident overshadowed what had happened in Los Angeles and the event was soon forgotten by many.

The problem many people who knew of the event have had for many years is the weather balloon story. How can a weather balloon withstand the strongest firepower our military had to offer and stay afloat? The explanation by the military seemed almost illogical. Either our military was comprised of the worst shots in the history of the world, or what was seen in the skies was not a weather balloon. After all, it should only take one bullet to sink a weather balloon. However, many people accepted the official story and moved on with life. At least until Ben Hansen and the crew at Fact Or Faked decided to find out what really happened that fateful night in 1942.

During the episode the team is able to acquire a similar weather balloon and spot lights. And believe it or not, they managed to get permission to fire 50 caliber ammunition that would have been used from a gun similar to what would have been shooting at the balloon in 1942.  Although initial tests showed similarities to the famous photographs taken of the event..They were not a match. Then came the fun part. Hansen readied himself and began to fire at the balloon as it hovered in the spotlights. And guess what happened?

One bullet hit the weather balloon and it dropped rapidly to the earth. With one bullet, Ben Hansen and the Fact or faked crew had literally shot down the military’s long standing official story. Which leaves one very big question. If it wasn’t the Japanese and it wasn’t a weather balloon as the military had claimed..Then what did our military attempt to shoot out of the sky that night?

Although the episode couldn’t provide answers to those questions it could provide proof that the public has been misled for many years regarding what could be the most important ufo event in history. And if they were misleading the public then, they are undoubtedly misleading now. Count this as a win for the UFO community and congrats to the FOF team for the great work. Had youtube been around at the time, a video of the event would have been very popular (even without having to buy more youtube views).

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