Emails From Beyond The Grave?

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When 32 year old Jack Froese died in June 2011, he left behind a number of grieving friends and family. But the BBC reports that several mysterious emails from the dead mans account have brought closure to some who were close to him and disturbed others. The emails refer to conversations that occurred between Jack and the recipients shortly before his death, causing many to think that his ghost could be using an unheard of way to reach out from the afterlife.

Around five months after Froese’s death, his childhood best friend Tim Hart received an email from Froese.

One night in November, I was sitting on my couch, going through my emails on my phone and it popped up, ‘sender: Jack Froese.’ I turned ghost white when I read it. It was very quick and short but to a point that only Jack and I could relate on.

The email had the subject heading, “I’m Watching.” While the text of the message itself read, “Did you hear me? I’m at your house. Clean your f***ing attic!!!”

Hart says that shortly before Froese’s death, the two had a private conversation in Hart’s attic, during which Froese teased him over the attic’s messy state. He says that it was only them in the attic and nobody else knew of the conversation.

Froese’s cousin Jimmy McGraw also claims to have received an email from beyond the grave, warning him about an ankle injury that occurred after his cousin’s death.

Although something like this could be faked or even set up by jack himself, with enough warning of his own death, the emails are real to the ones who received them.

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Emails from dead man’s account helping family and friends find closure

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