Eastern State Penitentiary

The doors of Eastern State Penitentiary were opened around 1829 and it is known as the  world’s oldest penitentiary.  Solitary confinement was also born here, as Eastern State has been credited for originating the solitary confinement method. It is also famous and frequently visited by paranormal investigators because of it’s status as one of the most haunted places in the United States.

Many of the worst kind of inmates were imprisoned there. Many were reported to have developed psychological and emotional problems due to the over use of the solitary confinement system.

Eastern State Penitentiary sits on over 11 acres and has huge courtyards that provided recreation for criminals housed within it’s walls. It’s floor plan and solitary confinement system served as a model  for over 300 prisons around the globe. The original goal of the prison and it’s solitary confinement system was to force men to look within themselves and open up to God. Instead, many men were driven insane.

Eastern State Penitentiary has been the site of many paranormal investigations. The most famous was recently done by T.A.P.S. In which they captured a smoky black apparition that seemed to notice the camera and run away. This footage has become famous and is heavily debated. Many reports of paranormal activity have come from within the walls of Eastern State. Reports of shadows, cold spots, apparitions, Voices and more have surfaced. Prisoners deprived of human interaction were said to tap on walls and pipes and whisper through vents in an attempt to communicate. It is said that the tapping and whispers can still be heard today inside Eastern State. It is also reported that Al Capone was once housed there and He himself, was tormented by spirits of the undead.

Eastern State penitentiary is definitely one of the spookiest spots on the map and is highly recommended to tour if you ever are in the mood for a good scare.

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