You may have heard the term “Doppelganger” used before. However, many are unaware of the Doppelganger phenomenon and what it means to the paranormal world. So for those wondering, “What is a Doppelganger?” we will explore the origin and meaning in this article.

Doppelganger is a German word, meaning “double walker”.  To put it simply, a doppelganger is thought to be an exact double or alter ego of a living person. The term is defined as : a ghostly counterpart of a living person.

Bilocation is a term often used when discussing Doppelgangers, and is a word that describes an instance of a person or object that seems to be in two places at the same time. As mysterious as it sounds, quantum physics also teaches that it is possible for particles to exist in two places at once.

The doppelganger is usually seen in someone’s peripheral vision. A short glimpse of what looks like a reflection, only there are no mirrors or reflective surfaces. It is believed by most that only you can see your doppleganger. However, some reported cases have been witnessed by others.

Doppelganger theories vary on who or what the “other” version of yourself may be. However, tales of this strange phenomenon have been told for ages and the appearance of someone’s doppleganger has always been associated with terrible things. The experience is considered in most cultures, a bad omen and believed to foreshadow certain death.

Death and Doppelgangers

Reports of people seeing their doppelganger are almost always associated with death. There have been many doppelganger stories, some even involving famous people, such as Queen Elizabeth I. Queen Elizabeth was horrified to see her own doppelganger lying on a bed, shortly before her death. Abraham Lincoln was also haunted by visions of his own doppelganger in the days leading up to his assassination. What the connection is between doppelgangers and death is unclear, but the connection is there, nonetheless. Some theorize that as we approach death, the boundaries between the world of the living and the afterlife can become blurred, causing someone to experience visions, such as a doppelganger.

 What is a Doppelganger?

Ghosts, demons, even parallel universe theory (multiverse) has been used in an attempt to explain the doppleganger phenomenon. Some believe that a person can project his or her double, known as a “wraith,” to another location. This double is indistinguishable from the real person and can even interact with family and friends just as the real person would. It is thought that this projection can happen in a very spontaneous and unexplained way. However, even when seen by friends, the presence of a doppelganger usually means ominous things are on the horizon.

Doppelganger Stories

One of the most notable doppelganger stories spawned from a simple school teacher who lived during the 1800’s. Emilie Sagée was a 32-year-old French woman who worked as a teacher in what is now modern day Latvia. She was a fine teacher, but soon locals began to whisper strange things about Emilie. Rumor had spread that Ms. Sagee had a double that would materialize and vanish in full view of her students.

One day in particular, Sagee was writing on the blackboard as usual. Suddenly, her exact double appeared beside her while she was writing and seemed to mirror her every move. The doppelganger was witnessed  by the entire classroom of students. A similar event was reported at dinner one evening when Sagee’s doppelganger was seen standing behind her, mimicking the movements of her eating, although it did not seem to be holding any utensils.

The doppelganger was also reported on many occasions, appearing in areas of the school that Ms. Sagee was known to be absent from. One particular incident was witnessed by the entire student body. The doppelganger of Sagee is said to have appeared in a chair during a lesson, while the students could still see Ms. Sagee outside working in the garden. A couple of the students even attempted to approach the doppelganger, just before it vanished.

Another interesting doppelganger tale that seems to support the theory that doppelgangers are somehow connected to time or dimensional shifts, is the story of Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe. Johann was an 18th century German poet, who reported seeing his own doppelganger while riding along the road. He claimed that his exact double was riding toward him, but wearing a gray suit trimmed in gold. Nearly eight years later, Johann was riding along the same stretch of road, but in the opposite direction. He then realized that he was wearing the same gray suit trimmed in gold that he had seen on his doppelganger nearly a decade ago. Had Johann somehow caught a glimpse of his future self? Are doppelgangers the result of some sort of time and space overlap?
Waverly Hills Sanatorium is also known for the doppelganger phenomenon. It is rumored that you may catch a glimpse of your doppelganger inside Waverly Hills. It is believed that if you are unlucky enough to see your “other” self, then you are sure to die. The Waverly doppelganger phenomenon was once featured on an episode of Ghost Adventures.

So What is a doppelganger? Are they evil? Is it some kind of mental projection, that we are all capable of? Could it be a type of ghost or phantom? And what about those multiverse theorists? Are we all actually existing in another universe simultaneously? Maybe the doppelganger phenomenon is simply a “hiccup” in space and time. What do you think?

Although we may never know the truth behind doppelgangers, they will remain one of the most interesting and creepy paranormal subjects on earth. For those who are interested, you can learn more about Doppelgangers below. If you have ever seen what you believe is your doppelganger, or have a doppelganger story, let us know by commenting below.

True Stories of Doppelgangers



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    My aunt claims to have seen me walking around a part of town most locals do their shopping, she said she called me around three times, she knows my walk, my hair, my clothes and coat, she actually seen me, after calling my name a fourth time, she said I stopped and turned around, she had gotten closer to me by this point, but i just looked right through her, as if i could hear my name but couldn’t see her, she also said, their was something strange about my manner, it was difficult for her to describe, all she kept saying was it was me but ‘not me’ and I looked slightly malicious. This ‘double’ walked into a shop, she got out her phone and rang me asking why I ignored her, I was at home, looking after my boyfriend, suffice to say she didn’t believe me, I was nowhere to be seen when she went into the store she thought i was in.

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