Do Ghosts Exist?

Do Ghosts Exist? Chances are, you have asked yourself this question before, along with millions of other people. Whether or not Ghosts Exist, is an age old question that has yet to answered by modern science.

There are countless reports of paranormal activity, that have been linked to ghosts. Many believe that Ghosts are simply the spirits of those who have passed on, but are for some reason stuck here, along with the living. The thought of being eternally trapped on earth, invisible to 99% of the world’s population can be disturbing. But is this what really happens? Do ghosts exist?

A poll conducted by CBS News, that asked questions like “Do Ghosts Exist?” was conducted a few years back and the numbers may surprise you. CBS called over eight hundred random adults (808 to be exact) and asked the following four questions:

1) Do you believe in Ghosts?

2) Have you personally seen or felt the presence of a ghost?

3) Do You believe in life after death?

4) Will science ever prove if an afterlife exists?

When asked “Do you believe in Ghosts?”, nearly half (48%) of Americans said yes. Almost one in five people (22%) claimed to have actually seen a ghost and a whopping 78% of Americans said that they believe in an afterlife. So what do these figures mean?

It means that if you believe..You are not alone. Although people don’t always go around professing their belief in spirits or an afterlife, the majority of them do believe. We all have an inherent knowledge that there are things unknown to us. We don’t know how to explain them, but we know they exist. The poll also showed that the majority of believers (87%) knew that it could never be proven scientifically.

So Do Ghosts Exist? Based on the polls, the answer is an overwhelming yes. The number of people who believe that ghosts exist is staggering. The belief in the supernatural is shared by many, but spoken of by few. Regardless of religious beliefs, the belief in ghosts is spread across the world. Here on this very site, we have visitors from every corner of the globe, from many different cultures. The one thing that they all have in common is the belief in ghosts and that there just may be something around the dark corner of death.

The CBS News Ghost poll can be found here Do Ghosts Exist?

So do you believe that Ghosts Exist? Take our poll below and let us know.

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