Demonic Possession | Is Demonic Possession Real?

On this page we will attempt to take a closer look at the phenomena of demonic possession. Demonic possession is a term that generally describes the act of taking control of or inhabiting the body of a human by demons (fallen angels) or even Satan himself. The victim generally has no control of their actions while experiencing demonic possession and often have no memory of the bouts with demonic possession. The victims of demonic possession are usually human although some cultures believe that demons can possess animals and inanimate objects as well.

Some things reported by witnesses of demonic possession include but are not limited to,

Is Demonic Possession Real?

convulsive fits, heavy sweating, fainting and self inflicted wounds.On the other hand, some wounds and marks are said to simply appear on the victims as if done by an unseen force. Victims are also sometimes reported to have supernatural like strength and speak in voices that do not resemble their own. Although mental conditions and exposure to certain Hollywood movies have been blamed for such events, many people strongly believe in demonic possession and rites of exorcism are performed by the catholic church on a near daily basis. As a matter of fact, it seems as though the need for catholic priests authorized for such events of demonic possession have increased dramatically over the recent years. There used to only be a handful of such priests, but the number has grown to over 350. Is demonic possession on the rise? Is evil growing on the planet Earth? Or are there simply more “mental cases”? The catholic church is not quick to deem an event an official demonic possession, which makes these numbers even more startling.

Demonic possession is an ancient belief, just like demons themselves. The belief in demonic possession can be traced back to the ancient Sumerians,who believed that all mental and physical illness was caused by sickness demons referred to as gidim. Many ancient tablets mentioned demonic possession and asked certain gods to be released or protected from certain demons. The same holds true within the Christian-Judeo religions as well. A belief in angels of God, requires a belief in the angels of hell. It is not uncommon for pastors and ministers from the non catholic areas of Christianity to partake in the “casting out” of demons.  Jesus is mentioned in the New Testament encountering people who may have been demon possessed and driving the evil spirits out of these people. There is a mental disease that doctors refer to as “demonomania” in which the patient believes that they are inhabited by one or sometimes a number of demons.

So is demonic possession real? Or is there something else to blame? Either way, cases of demonic possession have been reported and witnessed for many years and they probably will be for many years to come.

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