Demon Behind Sofa? Viral Ghost Picture

This picture has gone viral on social networking sites, and claims to show a Demon behind the sofa. The image is definitely creepy. Look to the lower left of image to see the alleged “Demon”. Is it real? How the picture came about, or who is responsible for it has remained unclear, but the Demon Behind Sofa picture has managed to send a shiver down quite a few spines. So is this an image of a real ghost or demon, as the title implies, or is it just another photoshop masterpiece? You decide.

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6 Responses to Demon Behind Sofa? Viral Ghost Picture

  • Tori says:

    This photo is definitely weird. I can not tell if it’s photo shopped or not!

  • Gracie says:

    This picture is the best picture on this website if you could get a close up of the demand if would freaky and the greatest picture ever!!!!

  • Kieran says:

    This was proved to have been photo shopped. Still creepy though

  • J says:

    Looks like a Michael Myers mask hidden behind the pillow

  • Vijay Persaud says:

    In all fairness, why would a powerful creature of another realm be hiding out behind a pillow on a couch. I am certain they have better things to do. The tales of destruction and mayhem that are usually accompanying demonic creatures generally don’t usually involve them cowering behind a pillow when they have the ability to disappear and reappear at any given time.

    Upon seeing this picture even before reading about it, I am afraid that the only thing I could see was a fabricated picture. I did not believe this one at all. Maybe some might give me flack but this is just my humble opinion. Tweet me if you think I am wrong @Vijayp1982 :)

  • B EZ says:

    Of all the places someone could photoshop a ”demon” . Why behind couch. Obviously the peson who posted this picture originally saw this thing and wants to know what it is. I don’t think it’s a photoshop deal. Maybe it is something that our brain is seeing something else or maybe it is of the paranormal. I just think someone ould of put this creature behind somethin else than a couch. Come on this is obviously unexplainable to whom ever took this picture. It is kind of weird maybe its E.T.’s cousin T.T maybe it came to earth to be posted in a home and gardens magazine.

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