Crowley Hall

Crowley Hall, in England has become a famed paranormal hot spot. It was built in the late 19th century. It was originally  a hospital and remained so until the 1920’s, when it became a mental home for the criminally insane. Housing some of the most violent and dangerous people of it’s time, Crowley Hall became a focal point for studies of mental illness and criminal behavior throughout England.

It is said that there was serious mistreatment of patients and “experimental” methods were used to treat mental conditions. These experiments could often be torturous both mentally and physically. There were also reports of beatings and starvation of patients. The hospital was eventually closed and sat empty for many years. It was eventually re-opened as a childrens hospital in the 70’s. Although reports of paranormal activity here had started as early as the 1950’s. While acting as a childrens hospital, there were numerous reports of strange activity. Apparitions were seen, strange noises and some say that the nurses and chidren were sometimes attacked by unseen forces.

The hospital was closed in 1997 when a new and bigger hospital was constructed. It wasn’t until 2006, when someone attempted to renovate the property with the intention of creating apartments, that workers found human bones inside the walls of Crowley. It is said that there were the bones of at least four different people inside the wall, including children.

Since then, Crowley Hall has been the center of many paranormal investigations, with countless reports of activity surrounding the very old and mysterious place. Ghostly figures and screams coming from inside the building have been experienced. The walls of Crowley hall hold many secrets and have seen much pain, Crowley will probably forever remain one of the creepiest places on earth.

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