Creepy Ghost Girl Picture


This creepy photo shows what appears to be an apparition of a little girl that is nervously peeking from behind the corner. It has supposedly been analyzed with no evidence of tampering. Creepy to say the least.

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3 Responses to Creepy Ghost Girl Picture

  • Rene G. Cardones Jr. says:

    Hmmm..assuming that’s not a real little girl (the size of the photo image makes it hard to see the details), it could be a trick of the light from a window. Or, there’s a 25% chance that that’s a real ghost.

  • Micheal Sanderson says:

    That is a mirror on the wall. Not a door way. So the image loses all credibility even if it was real. I truly believe in the super natural. But submitting non-debunk-able evidence is a real challenge. The evidence must display no possible ways of trickery which makes it almost impossible to submit pure genuine evidence. Same as if God openly revealed himself to non-believers they still wouldn’t believe. That sort of thing. I do believe btw.

  • Alexandria says:

    That’s not a mirror, that is a doorway. You can clearly see the door….

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