Couple Sues Landlord After Moving Into Haunted House

Bed sheets pulled from the bed during the night, whispers that seem to come from nowhere and invisible forces pulling at your clothes. It may sound like the latest horror movie, but one New Jersey couple claims that it happened to them..And they are suing because of it.

Josue Chinchilla and Michele Callan were forced to abandon their new rental house after living there for only two weeks. The couple claims that all of the above mentioned happened to them. They also claim that clothes would be thrown from the closet by unseen hands, lights would turn on by themselves and that they could constantly hear disembodied footsteps and voices.

The paranormal experiences were frightening enough to the family that they fled from the home. Now they would like their deposit back. They also claim to have been traumatized by the event and Josue was hospitalized for panic attacks associated with the alleged ghosts inside of the home.

As strange is it may sound, the couples story has been backed up by a local paranormal investigator, who says that the house is the center of an active or intelligent haunting. A pastor from Element Church in North Brunswick, who has visited the home, claims that the house has been infested by a demon. The couple claims that they feared for their children’s lives and their own had they stayed inside the home. Michele Callan was quoted:

I would not have hired a moving truck, packed and unpacked, had my mother take off time from work to watch the kids, The whole idea was to get a nice, big home for the kids … But there’s no way I’m going back there.

The landlord of the alleged haunted house is countersuing and claims that the story is made up so that the couple wouldn’t have to pay the rent. What do you think? Was the couple driven from their home by paranormal forces? A hearing is scheduled for the end of April, in which a judge will decide what is truth and what is fiction.



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One Response to Couple Sues Landlord After Moving Into Haunted House

  • Charles says:

    Lets see the evidence. Set up remote cameras rolling and recording audio and visual 24/7 for 30 days, and see what happens. One solid month should be enough time to establish if its fact or fiction. Case Closed. – Charles A.

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