Chupacabra, otherwise known as “the goat sucker” is a creature much like the famous Bigfoot, that some people believe has yet to be discovered by science. Puerto Rico,  Nicaragua, Chile, and Mexico seem to have the largest concentration of chupacabra sightings.

Although reported sightings have occurred since around 1990, the first reported chupacabra attacks occurred in Puerto Rico during 1995. It was reported that eight sheep had been killed and drained of their blood. All eight had three punctures wounds
in their chest.

The descriptions have varied, but almost all involve large red eyes, claws and sometimes descriptions have chupacabra resembling an alien or small reptilian dinosaur like form. Chupa cabra is nearly always described as being between three and five foot tall. It has also been reported that the chupa cabra has a unique jumping ability and has been heard screeching or hissing when alarmed. The Chupa cabra has sometimes been associated with the NJ Devil.

However the chupacabra may look, it has been blamed for thousands of animal mutilations in which there are puncture wounds on the neck and the animals blood has been drained. It has allegedly been witnessed by a large number of people, including high ranking government officials.

Theories of chupacabra have ranged from a mutated coyote to an alien experiment gone awry. Chupacabra has the unique ability to attract both U.F.O. and monster enthusiast alike. Whatever chupacabra is it has definitely attracted a lot of attention and although some may consider chupacabra something of a myth, it is important to remember that most every myth has some basis of truth. So what is chupacabra? We may never know, but if you are ever in any of the chupa cabra hot spots, maybe it would be best to stay inside at night. Just in case.

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