Chinese Boy Born With Cat Eyes

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Nong Youhui is a young Chinese boy, who lives in a southern China Village. At first glance, Nong seems like any other boy..Until he looks you in the eye. Unlike all other Asian children, Nong was born with piercing blue eyes. In addition to the blue pigment, he has baffled members of the medical community, with his apparent ability to see in total darkness. His eyes also reflect a glowing green when flashlights hit them, much like a cat. Nong has been subjected to plenty of testing and his rare condition seems unexplainable. Could this Chinese boy be a leap in human evolution? Or as some have suggested (including alien disclosure groups), an Alien Hybrid? Regardless, Nong is a special child with what seems like an amazing gift. The use of words like “mutant” or “hybrid” may be extreme to describe this young chinese boy, who like most children his age, probably just wants to be accepted.

Some groups claim that there have been other strangely gifted children, born with gifts that defy logic, from across the globe in recent years. Some claim that it is an evolutionary leap, while others believe that the human DNA has been tampered with by “extraterrestrial” visitors. What do you believe?

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