Charlie Chaplin Time Traveler?

An Irish filmmaker named George Clarke spotted something strange in a clip from a 1928 Charlie Chaplin film. At first the oddity was hardly noticeable. It was something that most of us see every day of our lives.

A woman talking on a simple cell phone while walking down the street is common today. In 1928 however, it would have been impossible. Or was it?
The clip (seen below) which became a short lived viral hit in 2010 seems to show what is obviously a person talking on a cell phone. Clarke posted the clip with claims that he had found a real life time traveler within the Chaplin film “The Circus”.

As strange as it may sound the clip has manged to stump quite a few people including film students. On closer examination the woman at the center of our time traveler dilemma seems very “manly”. She seems somewhat tall and large bodied with strong features and large feet. Some have claimed that it isn’t a woman at all, which only adds mystery to the clip. Is it a woman? What is she holding? Close examination has many people claiming that she is holding a small black device exactly like any cell phone we would carry today.

Some have offered up theories on the Charlie Chaplin Time Traveler that say she is holding what would have been a very early hearing aid, although this theory has been heavily disputed. Not only because of the device itself, but because..She’s talking. Watching the clip is no different than watching a modern day person having a full blown conversation on a cell phone. Hearing aids are for listening..Right? The woman is clearly talking and is clearly alone. Which has raised another theory in which this woman (or man) is simply crazy and wandering around talking to herself. Could it be?

The hearing aid was invented in the 1920’s and is most likely the best possible explanation for this strange and historic clip. Take a look for yourself. What do you think?

ABC News reports The Charlie Chaplin Time Traveler

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