Urban Legends & Folklore

Japanese Urban Legends : Kuchisake-onna

Urban Legends are told all over the world and in many different cultures. Often, urban legends and tales of ghosts from other countries are some of the most frightening. One of the scariest urban legends in Japan is known as Kuchisake-onna, or "Slit Mouth Woman". Continue reading

Are Vampires Real? | A Look at Modern Day Vampirism

Society has been fascinated with Vampires for centuries. Stories and legends of blood thirsty creatures of the night known as vampires have been feared and passed down for generations. Continue reading

The Real Wolfman | Werewolf of Bedburg

The year was 1589, in the German village of Bedburg. This was a time when superstition and religion ruled supreme in people's lives. Many things that we consider common today were considered ghastly in those times. That is why the alleged crimes and the trial that followed must have been unimaginable for folks living in the time of The Werewolf of Bedburg. Continue reading

Urban Legends | Humans Can Lick Too

The small town that Angela lived in was quiet that night. Most folks around those parts went to bed fairly early and most of the time didn't even bother locking their doors. Continue reading

Guam Zombies | Zombie Ghosts of Guam

The native people on the remote island of Guam have claimed for centuries that their island is haunted. However, the island is not inhabited by the traditional ghosts or spirits that you may expect. The Chamorro natives claim that Zombies known as TaoTaomona, have been known to attack anyone that dares enter their sacred areas. Continue reading

Urban Legends | Bloody Mary

I'm sure many who are reading this have heard about this legend at sleepovers or around the campfire, but for those who don't know, I think it's time you found out: Continue reading

The Dark Country Road | Urban Legends

The young girl had been out late with her friends. She had attended a party and even met a new potential boyfriend. What a fine night it had been. The only downside was having to explain to her parents where she had been all night. After all, she had a strict curfew and had completely ignored it tonight. Continue reading

Urban Legends | The Clown Statue

Jessica had been babysitting for a couple of years now. She was very responsible for a fifteen year old and had managed to earn quite a reputation for her skills as babysitter. The Johnson family had asked Jessica to baby sit their two small children tonight. Continue reading
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