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Two Year Old Boy Wakes Up At His Own Funeral

A family is still recovering after a strange and so far unexplained experience in Brazil. Early this month, Kelvin Santos was pronounced dead by doctors after he stopped breathing during treatment for pneumonia at a hospital in Belem, Brazil. Continue reading

Vampire Skeletons Found in Bulgaria

Two "vampire' skeletons dating back nearly 800 years have been unearthed near a monastery in the Bulgarian town of Sozopol. These skeletons are not typical, but are certainly not the only ones of their kind. Continue reading

Mysterious Winged Being Filmed In Indonesia

Sometimes things can seem so fake..That they just may be real. The following footage shows what is being called a "winged being' by some and an extraterrestrial by others. Still others are saying that this footage has captured an image of the divine..A real angel. The footage was allegedly captured by security cameras in Continue reading

Dead Or Alive: $2000 Reward Offered For Capture Of Vampire

Politicians in the town of Dharampuri in Tamil Nadu, have made an official offer of 100,000 rupees (around 2,000 US dollars) to anyone who can bring them a real vampire. Locals have been frightened recently, by mysterious attacks on cows during the night, in which the animals blood has been completely drained. Continue reading

Gate Of The Gods | The Real Stargate?

Eight Hundred miles southeast of Lima, Peru is a place that has mystified visitors from around the world, for ages. For many generations, Shaman have come to perform rituals and pray at this mysterious rock wall known as Puerta De Hayu Marka, or "Gate Of The Gods". Continue reading

Charlie Chaplin Time Traveler?

An Irish filmmaker named George Clarke spotted something strange in a clip from a 1928 Charlie Chaplin film. At first the oddity was hardly noticeable. It was something that most of us see every day of our lives. Continue reading

Is Nicolas Cage A Vampire?

Is Nicolas Cage A Vampire? This may sound far fetched like the plot of Cage's latest film, but to one man..It's true. The photograph seen here was taken in 1870 and is said to be 100% authentic. The man who owns the 140 year old picture says it was found in the back of a book containing "pictures of the dead". Continue reading

Mel’s Hole – Search For The Bottomless Pit

There is a place near Manastash Ridge in Ellensburg, Washington that few have seen but many still claim exist. The place isn't a building or a mysterious patch of land, like other strange places we usually talk about. To put it simply..It's a hole. Continue reading

Weird Rain | Top 5 Strange Things To Rain From The Sky

I had the unfortunate chance to experience a little wet weather today. All day there was nothing but rain, rain and more rain. Since there was no avoiding the gloomy weather for me, I started to think about ways that things could possibly be worse Continue reading

End 2012? The Mystery of the 2012 Armageddon Prophecy

With all of the recent chatter about Mayan prophecy and other ancient texts that seem to point to the end of the world in the year 2012, it's hard not to wonder..Is it true? Continue reading
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